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Illegal Immigrants Hurt The U.S. Essay

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There is an invasion in the United States, an invasion of Illegal Aliens. These illegals are hurting the U.S. economy and jeopardizing the welfare and safety of all American citizens. The government is currently trying to pass legislation, called The DREAM Act, to provide amnesty to over 13 million illegal immigrants. Amnesty cannot be allowed to illegal immigrants! There are several problems that stand out when discussing the illegal immigrant problems: financial ramifications, criminal issues, and of course, jobs.
Proponents to the DREAM Act will say that providing amnesty to the illegal immigrants will help the economy, but that is false, amnesty will only further hurt the economy, and honest American citizens. According to Jack Martin and Eric A. Ruark, authors of “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers”, illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers over $113 Billion dollars annually (Martin & Ruark, 2010). Broken down, this means over $29 billion on the Federal level, and $84 billion on the state and local levels. Over $52 billion of the cost at the state and local levels goes to the education of the children of illegals, and this includes the extra cost of special classes to teach them English as a second language. If this so called DREAM Act is approved, it will only increase the strain on our already struggling economy. Most of the illegals are poor, meaning over 57% are on some sort of welfare programs, many more than one ( If they are given full status as citizens, as the DREAM Act proposes, they will get full benefits, more than they already do, and they will be able to draw on Social Security Retirement, when it is well known that the Social Security system is already on the verge of collapse. Additionally, most illegals do not pay taxes, and most of those that do get refunds and tax credits that essentially pay them to be here illegally! Here is an example of how much illegal immigrants are hurting our economy, during the Fiscal Year 2010-2011, the California budget deficit was $14.4 billion, and the annual amount that the state spends on illegal immigrants is $21.8 billion. If California were free of illegal immigrants, they would have over $7 billion dollars left for the law abiding citizens. This drain on our economy is why 32 states are insolvent and on the verge of bankruptcy.
Another major problem is the crime aspect of the illegal immigrants and the additional costs related to that. Every day there are 12 American citizens killed by illegal immigrants. On average, the Federal cost for law enforcement dealing with illegals is about $7.8 billion. Studies show that 40% of federal offenders are Latino, and 72% of those are illegal aliens. During 2008, over 378,582, or 62%, of all ICE detainees were from Mexico. Most people think that all of the illegals are border jumpers from Mexico. It is well known that the majority of the illegal immigrants in our country are from...

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