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Illegal Immigration And Equal Rights Essay

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Illegal Immigration and Equal Rights
Should immigrants receive the same tolerances that other minority groups have received in the past decades? Should their struggle for equal rights over- shadow the fact that immigration laws are ignored? Pro Amnesty and Anti-Immigration groups have different opinions about these issues The immigration laws that exist in the U.S are not the problem, the problem exist with the people who refuse to enforce them because they contrast the immigrant’s struggles with those of early equal rights movements. The simple fact that the immigration system in this country is broken comes as no surprise to Americans. America admits more legal immigrants than any other country in the world; (Johnson Mac 1) however proponents of the immigration bill would argue that illegal immigration exists due to the limits placed on legal immigration. Anti-Immigration activists would argue that Americans have the right to set limits on immigration in the same way that other nations do. This being said it then becomes the government’s responsibility to enforce those limits, however instead of enforcement there is indifference and undermining towards the will of the American people (Johnson Mac 1). During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, it was American citizens who took the lead; they organized, and rallied legal protest as set forth in the constitution. It was citizens who abolished slavery in the late 1800’s, and citizens who stamped out segregation. Shouldn’t citizens also reserve the right to put limits on immigration, and to demand the enforcement of already existing immigration laws? Pro- Amnesty activist use terms associated with the civil rights movement to draw sympathy and attention towards their agenda, words like segregation, and integration are used much to loosely among sympathizers.
. The rapid increase of undocumented immigrants entering the country hinders the cultural assimilation process, this cost the American taxpayers millions of dollars for programs that cater to the immigrants needs, the translation of English to Spanish is one example of money that is allocated by our government. This should be the other way around, immigrants who enter into our country legally or otherwise should be required to learn and speak English. As this regards to the civil rights argument,’’ By the 1960s, African Americans had multiplied to such an extent that for the first time in American history entire cities--Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Gary, Washington, and others--became majority-black, yielding a new geography of segregation across municipal boundaries. When we first pick up municipal-level segregation in 1950 the black--white dissimilarity across city lines was .35, but three decades later it had reached a value of .49’’ (Douglas S. Massey, Jonathan Rothwell, and Thurston Domina 2). A nation’s identity is reflected in claims regarding the ethnic origin of its citizens, the immigrants fail to assimilate into the...

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