Illegal Immigration And The Destruction Of America

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Former President Grover Cleveland once said, “Remember, remember always that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” While this is true, the immigrants, who built this country, came legally. Immigrants create a diverse country and build up a great nation like America. On the other hand, illegal immigrants tear down a country economically. Illegal immigration to the United States creates a variety of problems that will only grow worse if not addressed by the federal government.
Immigration has been the major source for America’s growth.The United States has the most immigrants in the world ("Nation of Immigrants"). Russia has the second most with only one fourth the number in America ("Nation of Immigrants"). The United States currently has over 40 million immigrants (Kirkwood). About 28 percent of immigrants in America are illegal (Kirkwood). Those 11 million illegals make up about 3.5 percent of the U.S. population (Kirkwood). This huge number grows every day as more and more people cross the border illegally.
There are three different types of illegal immigrants: fraudulent entrants, visa abusers, and those who enter without inspection (EWIs). Eighty percent of illegals run the border and are known as EWIs (Anderson 54). When people hear the term “illegal immigrant” this is the type people typically think of. Some illegal immigrants are "visa abusers" who overstay their visas (Anderson 54). The Department of Homeland Security estimates that 300,000 people overstay their visas every year (Marcovitz 30). The other type of illegal alien is a "fraudulent entrant" who pays a fortune for forged documents (Anderson 55). Because illegals usually have very little money, this method is the least common. The most successful crossers are those who use coyotes (Marcovitz 30). Coyotes are those who stay near the border and help those who were deported get back across the border successfully (Marcovitz 28). A 2008 study shows that 92-96 percent of illegal aliens eventually cross the border undetected (Marcovitz 29-30). The huge success rate of illegals does nothing but encourage others to try to cross the border.
The continuous growth of illegals causes a continuous growth of economic issues. Some People argue that illegal immigrants benefit the U.S. economy by paying taxes, working for low wages, and increasing money in circulation; opponents say illegal aliens are criminals and a burden on the economy and taxpayers ( The supporting party’s argument is invalid. Illegals tend to not pay income taxes because they work "under the table" ( This means that they work for a company or business, but have no record of their employment there. Therefore, the does not know how much income tax illegals should owe. Although illegals pay billions in Social Security taxes, Social Security is not the main income source for the country ( In this case, the small amount of taxes that illegals...

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