Illegal Immigration And The Use Of Social Services: Myths And Facts

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I think it’s time that we open our eyes to the reality that illegal immigrants come to our country only with the illusion of reaching an "American Dream, " and as a taxpayer it is natural to defend the sources that we all have contributed to. Especially, when it comes to intruders who come to our country to take the things that belong to the people from our nation, but are illegal immigrants coming to this country to bulge on all the social services, such as food stamps, welfare, medical care and financial aid?
With an estimate of 11.5 to 12 million of approximate undocumented people currently in the United States, and an estimated 7.2 million which represents 4.9% of the labor workforce (ADD), it is anticipated that a large number of Americans would have a confound look towards immigrants(CNN). According to a CNN poll, close to seven in ten Americans believe immigrants add a burden to taxpayers, 62 percent say they add to the crime problem, and 59 percent think they take jobs away from Americans. Keating Holland, a CNN Poll Director reports, that the results illustrate why the majority of Americans think polices that made this a multiculturalism country strong years ago, is not having the same effect now. In other words, the anticipated welcoming country that once was believed to be a place of hospitality for most immigrants has become weakened by the same natives who perceive a different attitude towards immigrants. In addition, Americans seem to have also lost their success in achieving the "American Dream," a survey by CNN showed that only 45 percent of Americans say they have achieved it, 38 percent of Hispanics, and only 23 percent of Blacks.
In the meantime, since the beginning of The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program during the depression era in 1939, also known as the Food Stamp Plan, the cost and the participants have increased. For example, in 2005 SNAP served 25.7 million people a month, a cost of $28.6 million. However, according to SNAP, of the participants 43 percent are white; 33 percent are African-American, non-Hispanic; 19 percent are Hispanic; 2 percent are Asian; other 2 percent are Native American; and less than 1 percent being of unknown race or ethnicity. These statistics of the food assistance program, states that the program is being used in the majority by whites, and African Americans, making the rest of the ethnicities of most immigrants in the minority. Additionally, in order to receive benefits from most social services people need to provide proper documentation, which would make illegal immigrants ineligible for food stamps, welfare, and Medicaid. This is with an exemption, to those undocumented immigrant who enter our country for humanitarian reasons such as refugees and asyless(ACF). Similarly, in order to be awarded a federal or state grant, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA, which would require the student's social security number, and...

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