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Illegal Immigration Reform In America Essay

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One of the most controversial topics today in politics is what to do about illegal immigration in the United States. Should we consider all of the illegal immigrants felons? Should we give them full citizenship rights? These are all important questions related to illegal immigration. In 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act made it illegal for employers to knowingly hire undocumented workers and imposed fines of up to $11,000 for each violation. Recently, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill, entitled H.R. 4437 (The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005). Just recently, due to massive overpopulation, the problem of illegal immigration is really starting to be taken seriously in our nation's capital. There is one thing that all sides of the debate agree on: that America needs to get tougher about controlling our country's borders. Up to 12 million people are living illegally in the United States today. This number is growing rapidly and is quickly overpopulating our own backyards. For these reasons, I believe that we should back this Act and should hope that the Senate will also agree.
Act H.R. 4437 would take many drastic measures in trying to slow down illegal immigration. Some of the main points of this Act include building a 700 mile wall/fence along the U.S./Mexican border, take custody of illegal aliens detained by local authorities in hopes of eliminating catch and release, and also enforcing more strict laws on employers of who employ illegal immigrants. In the past weeks, there has been much debate over what to do with the illegal immigrants that are already in the country. There are already revisions underway and I agree with what they are trying to do. These revisions will hopefully divide those here illegally into three groups. Those been here for five or more years, those been here two-five years, and those been here less than two years. Those that have been here less than two years will be the only people that will have to leave the country. I do believe that illegal immigrants do contribute to the economy in some ways, like doing many of the jobs that most citizens will not do.
My opponents would counter by saying that Immigrants helped build this country and that immigrants come to America for a better life and end up investing their money here, buying houses, and opening businesses that help the economy. When addressing the fact that there are roughly 12 million illegal immigrants here and this Act could quite possibly make them all felons, many wonder where we are going to put all of these felons. Our prisons are already overpopulated and adding millions more is completely out of the question. Also, many people opposing this Act believe that if we got rid of all of the illegal immigrants that our society would quickly fall into an economic depression. They believe that they are such a vital part of our economy that we could not afford to deport them.

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