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Illegal Immigration: Who Should Be Deported

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Did you know that there are an estimated 3.1 million American children with at least one parent who is illegally in the United States? Illegal immigration has always been a problem in the U.S dating all the way back to 1875. In 1882 president Chester A. Aurthor was the first president to ban all Chinese workers. Soon after, the criminals and the mentally ill were refused from the U.S. Immigration wasn't always a problem before this. In 1892 the first portal of immigration opened up in Ellis Island, New York. This was the premier station for immigration. Here new arrivals had to show identity and were asked a series of questions. After all this, the immigrants were scanned for physical ailments, and they had to have a friend or family vouch for them. When the operation ended in 1954 Ellis Island had processed over 12 million immigrants. In 1921 a quota law passed to reduce immigration to 357,000 people a year and to limit the number of immigrants of any one country. In 1924 a new quota law passed to reduce immigration to 160,000 a year. In 1929 the reduction of immigrants dropped to only 157,000 people "History of Illegal Immigration in U.S".
The big sIgnificant controversy in the history of the United States is Mexican immigration. Mexican immigration has become an outrage in some states. Farmers or farming employers desire Immigrant Workers.Immigrants work for low wages simply because they are afraid of being deported, and don't need to be paid as much as Americans. Mexican immigration was huge until the year 1929 during the Great Depression. Nearly 500,000 to 1,000,000 immigrants left the U.S because of the stock market crash and the limited employment but mostly because of deportation and the threat of being deported. Things changed after that ended. Over the next two decades nearly 4.8 million immigrants came back to the U.S to work for low wages. Employers prefered these workers because they didn't have to give up much ney. This was called the Bracero Program. In 1964 this program came to an end because complaints of unions and Mexican-American that these foreigners were taking their jobs (History of Immigration in U.S). Immigration deportation laws have resulted into leading immigrants to live and work in the U.S but some these laws need to be changed to a certain extent to legalize the immigrant who are hard working an deport those who are a threat.
In the past immigration laws and immigration itself has had some flaws.However, Immigration really is a good Opportunity for the U.S. First off the agriculture rise Or the agriculture opportunities that has happened over the years. Immigrants are an important part to our growth. They help the agricultural rise because most immigrants when they migrate look only towards the agriculture work which includes field work and stock animal work. These immigrants are needed for our everyday agricultural needs. According to Ed Studdard, if all Illegal immigrants were to go back tomorrow to...

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