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Illegal logging occurs throughout every region of the Earth whether a vulnerable region such as the smaller countries in the Amazon Basin, Southeast Asia, or Central Africa along with more developed areas such as North America, the Russian Frontier, and Europe.
Illegal logging is defined as harvesting, transporting, purchasing, or selling timber in violation of national law. Illegal logging includes collecting woods that are located in protected areas, distributing threatened plant species to include trees, and even falsifying official documents. Even though there was no definite start date to illegal logging, the concept is inferred to be as old as ...view middle of the document...

Illegal logging occurs throughout every region of the Earth whether a vulnerable region such as the smaller countries in the Amazon Basin, Southeast Asia, or Central Africa along with more developed areas such as North America, the Russian Frontier, and Europe.
Reliable data to support illegal logging efforts are hard to acquire because of the secrecy behind the industry . Law enforcements around the world have a difficult time striving to monitor and detect these illegal activites, and some of the time, corruption within the government agencies cause difficulty to surpress the illegal act from occurring. Even if illegal logging were easy to control, critics believe that, “legal forest production is often uneconomic…(because) the cost (of) producing illegal timber is considerably lower than that of legal timber”( Bartlett, 2009).
With new advancements in technology being discovered, new methods of monitoring and controlling illegal logging are being tested such as the DNA-fingerprinting in Indonesia. This new experiment allows for trees to be tracked from the forest to final production. “DNA fingerprinting techniques use unique characters inherent in the timber to identify and track individual trees..”( Mills, 2014). This could help control the “ ‘chain of custody’” ( Mills, 2014). From manufacturer to seller, one tree at a time. Another new method to control illegal timber trades is the use of optical and radar systems, +REDD satellites, to monitor carbon emissions in the atmosphere, and to “…assess the state and health of forests by analyzing color changes due to chlorophyll loss”( Maslin,Baltzer & Sweeting,2013). The radar satellites would allow a daily scan of tropical forests to monitor logging and changes in land. This could also lead to a global decrease in temperature by .14 degrees a year . The new technology could save governments all over the world millions if not billions in tax income that the economies would normally lose to illegal trade.
Illegal logging creates no revenue and harms a country’s economic status more than the occupation helps. But, illegal logging can benefit small communities and families abundantly. “ (Illegal Logging) provides employment opportunities that are well paid in comparison to conventional opportunities… and is an important source of income for civilian and military...

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