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Illegal Narcotics Destroy Lives Essay

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Criminal Justice Technology
Illegal narcotics destroy lives. They rip the bonds between marriages, parents, and siblings. The emotional effects after a family member finds that another one in the family has been doing drugs can be very disastrous. Children who grow up around drug abusers more than likely tend to use than their counterparts. Illegal drug users destroy their lives and the lives around them. Various health effects are reported by those who grow up around drug activity and by those who use the drugs. These sorts of problems are always happening no matter how many laws are placed on the drugs, and without the assistance of technology and law enforcement crime would be at an all time high. Technology plays a key part in the prevention of illegal drugs being produced, distributed, and sold around the country, while it may be expensive the benefits are worth the cost. The Criminal Justice system should be spending more on technology to prevent the production and distribution of drugs in United States of America.
Illegal narcotics effects on the body are felt instantaneously, There are many stages after the delivery of illegal narcotics to the body. Many of those stages are very dangerous and can even lead to death depending on the type of narcotic that was abused. After the use of methamphetamine a user can become very argumentative which may lead to trouble with the police, and tweaking which is the most dangerous stage of methamphetamine use. Tweaking is where a user takes more and more of the drug to keep the intense pleasure they experience initially (Littell 19). Tweaking leads to a very aggressive state where the user feels paranoid and angry (Littell 19). Tweaking leads to terrible crimes being committed where the outcome is more than likely to be death (Littell 21). The short-term and long-term effects of methamphetamine usage can be very disastrous. Some short-term effects include paranoia, fever, and insomnia (Littell 40). The long term effects include violent behavior, brain damage, and even death when used in large amounts (Littell 40). STDs are also an issue with drug use because of needle sharing which is common between drug users the risk of contracting STDs skyrockets (Consequences). There are many ways drugs can damage a persons personal life ranging from relationships to the ability to obtain a job. Studies have shown that youth who smoke marijuana are less likely to finish high school and more likely to engage in criminal acts later on in life (Consequences). In fact people who are commonly arrested test positive for drugs more often than those who are not (Consequences). When applying for a national security position or business position one is than likely going to be asked about their past drug use, if evidence suggests they have an extensive record of running into the law because of repeated drug use they may deemed to be not eligible for security clearance or may be rejected from a business position because...

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