Illegals And The Bottom Line Essay

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Immigration into the United States has always been seen as living out a dream. Our country offers hope, freedom and opportunity. America is known as the melting pot, where individuals can come here and freely practice their religion of choice without fear of persecution. America is a place where your neighbor may have completely opposing viewpoints, yet you can live in harmony. America offers the freedom to voice opinions without restrictions and opportunities to build a legacy. Immigrants have historically come to the United States to work, provide well for their families and have a strong sense of accomplishment. It use to be that immigrants worked very hard to assimilate to the American way by learning the language and pledging allegiance to their newfound home. Fast forward to immigration today and some would call it a hot mess! We now have people that choose to break the laws and enter illegally, use and abuse government services, and drain the financial economy. Immigration needs more than reform, it needs a complete overhaul to end the abuse of our tax dollars.
Many of the early immigrants that desired to come to the United States possessed skills that helped shape our great nation. When the first wave of immigrants to the United States came via Ellis Island, they were primarily from Europe and came with skills that helped build America. Some were tradesman, seamstress my architects, etc. Steve Malanga a Senior Editor for City Journal (New York) and accomplished writer noted that “Though fleeing persecution or economic stagnation in their homelands, that era's immigrants brought important skills that fit easily into the American economy and helped supercharge the work force” (1). Today’s massive waves of illegal immigrants simply do not possess those types of skills. Many are here to do menial jobs at below minimum wage. writer-Adam Davidson also validates this point by stating “The vast majority work in low-skill, low-wage jobs. More than half work in construction, manufacturing or leisure and hospitality” (1). The immigrants who enter the United States the legal route come with strong skills that help advance our technological and medical fields. Through the use of the H1-B visa, highly skilled immigrants are issued a 3-year permit to remain in the United States to work and may be renewed for one additional 3-year term. In a column in the Washington Times, writer By Carlos M. Gutierrez noted that it is the companies that are highly technologically based that are likely to utilize this program. Gutierrez also pointed out the number of H1-B visas currently allotted is “…65,000 annually” (1). The highly skilled immigrants do not need public services and in fact help America prosper, yet we place a cap on immigrants that actually have something to offer our country and attempt to reward the lawbreakers with amnesty. The times is now to revisit the laws we have in place before the melting pot literally melts The...

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