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When I was a child, I would always turn on my night light before going to bed. I was afraid of the dark and my night light was my savior in the night. In the Gospel of John, the theme of light is introduced in the first chapter. This theme of light is portrayed through Jesus as the light of the world. John mentions that he was sent from God to testify this light, but the true light is not John. God has shed his light, Jesus Christ, on the world, for this true light will give us salvation and enlighten us.
Jesus is the light of the world, but not any light. He is the true light, for he is one with the Father. In the first chapter of John, John said “he was not the light, but came to testify the light. The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming in the world”(John 1:8-9). Jesus was sent by God to save us. Jesus was not God’s messenger, but God’s one and only son. Jesus said in John 8:12, “‘ I am the light of the world-’”. In a commentary, I read light is usually referred to God( 48 The New Collegeville Bible Commentary). Not only does the commentary say Jesus has a connection to God, but the Gospel of John also mentions this. In the surrounding passages, Jesus said he came from God and that God is with him(John 7:29, 8:16). The evidence and commentary shows us that Jesus has a special connection with God and is one with God. God is one true and holy person, so if Jesus came from God, that would mean he is the True Light of the world. If Jesus is the True Light then his mission on earth must be to enlighten others.
Jesus is the true light who has come to lighten those who are in the dark. In the Gospel of John, John wrote, “ He is the light that both gives life and is life, the life of those who cannot walk in darkness”(441 Jerome Biblical Commentary). Jesus’ purpose in the world was to enlighten people with the word of the Lord. The In Depth section of the CYB, states those who believe in Jesus walk in the light and those who do not walk in the darkness(1403 CYB). Jesus taught all that he knows of the Father to enlighten the people, but only those...

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