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Illustration Essay

Every year around fall, my friend and I take a hiking trip up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a vacation. This vacation is for all of us to unwind and get away from the city full of people and pollution. For us, going to the mountains is like going to therapy. It fulfills our life with peace and calmness. We love to cherish the beautiful nature around us bringing a feeling of pleasure and happiness to our soul.

Going to the mountains is like visiting another planet. These hills have many features with over a million different living species of trees, animal's, flowers and also other living things. The air is so clean you can taste it. The freshness cleanses your lungs, replacing out all the bad toxins with pure oxygen. A person with asthma would never need their inhaler in these hills. The crisp breeze blows a scent of a combination of pine tree's, sky pilot's, shooting stars and sierra tiger lily's. The bright shades of the wildflowers are scattered all over, lining the gorgeous Alps. If we had more time, my friend and I could gather and design bouquets for days, collecting all the brilliant species and colors. The fields of the flowers make you want to lay in them and take a nap forever. They are that amazing. The wet and sappy scent from the resinous trees tingles your nose and makes you appreciate the pine trees that surround each mountain giving them a unique character. Each evergreen looks like an enormous Christmas tree waiting to be decorated. You could tell by their size that they been here for centuries; some are even taller than the mountains. It's obvious that some other creatures live here after witnessing the claw marks scarred in the bark of the trees. Their beauty makes you never want to use a piece a paper again.


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