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Illustrative Essay On Buying A Mac Computer

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Illustrative Essay
The Apple store may have some expensive products; however they have some of the best customer service you can buy. When buying our new, much needed, MacBook, we went to the Apple store to pick it up and look around. Between the friendly staff, to the great layout, we had a great time at the Apple store in Raleigh.
Apple makes some of the most amazing products on the market. However no one really talks about their stores. My wife and I decided to take a look at the store itself. After buying her a new MacBook online to update her old one, and give me a new means of programming, we went to go and pick it up from the store.
The first impressions of the store was how clean the outside looked. With a brushed aluminum sign above the store, and the clean white walls clearly visible outside, this store was amazing to look at. The windows were seemingly spotless, and the black and white iPads on the stand in the windows added a nice touch. There were small lights dancing around the window spelling words of advertisements and changing color. It was simply one of the coolest displays of ingenuity I have ever seen from a store.
The second thought running though my head was how crowded it was. There were so many people inside the store. One thing I noticed once inside was how easy it was shuffle around even with the massive pack of shoppers. The way the merchandise was staged neatly on tables off to the side was short of an amazing feat. That design allows customers to look at the tech products without being in the way of the people moving back and forth from the beginning and end of the store. This layout makes it much easier to move around and find exactly what you are looking for. All of the employees wore a dark blue shirt with the apple logo on it. Since there were no shelving units, you could see these employees really well in case you need some help.
What good would a store be to any one without great customer...

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