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Illustrative Essay

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Are you a full time student and also working a part time job? Do you ever feel like you have your hands full and you don’t have a break? Well that’s exactly what I’m going through right now as a freshman in college. I am a full time student and I have a part time job. I work at least twenty five hours a week. At times I have my hands full with work and homework. With this busy schedule, I have realized it affects me in many ways such as not getting enough sleep, not being able to focus in class, and not getting my homework done in the time I should get it done.
The first effect is that I’m too tired and sometimes sleepy to be able to focus in class. For example when I work for eight hours on a Sunday and I stay up to finish my assignments I realized that I did not get much sleep. I perhaps got approximately four hours. The next morning, on Monday, I had my 8 o’clock class in which I barely made it to class on time. While the professor was lecturing and ...view middle of the document...

I was taking notes and listening to the professor as he lectured, I was finishing up my notes that I was taking, I zoned out and started thinking of how I was going to plan out my day after class because I knew I had to work and I had some homework given to me from my pervious classes. I knew I had homework that I didn’t finish from my Tuesday and Thursday classes also. Then I began to think in what order I was going to do my homework and the amount of time it would take me to finish all my assignments. Before I knew it the professor was lecturing on the next bullet on the screen that I didn’t even notice was there.
The third effect is the lack of energy. I have to do my homework right after work and by the time I get off work and arrive home my body feels tired and I don’t have much energy left. The other day I sat down and pulled out my laptop to get my math homework done, I was focused for a full hour until I started to feel sleepy. I couldn’t take it anymore, I feel asleep, and the next day I was regretting not staying up because I knew I would have double the homework then I did before. I know that if I worked less hours I will not or would not have this problem of not having enough energy to finish my homework and of not turning in my homework on time.
The effects of being a full time student and working a part time job have seemed to have an affect me in my future of getting my college career and finishing up my courses with high grades. Not getting enough sleep has affected me from focusing in class, having my plate full with work and homework has not only affected what I worry about doing after class and in what order I will do my homework but also the lack of energy I end up having when it comes to doing my homework after work. After reading what I wrote, it had made me realize that being a full time student and having a part time job in which I work about an average of twenty-five hours a week can be hard for me to handle if I want to pass all of my classes with at least a B. I have now come to a conclusion that I need to cut down my hours of work in order for me to continue succeeding. This also goes to the students that feel the same way as I do. Being a successful student takes a lot of our own time to study and keep our noses in the books.

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