"Im Not The Man I Used To Be" – Perdurantism/Eternalism Vs Endurantism/Presentism

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This comment presents us the situation of choosing how to treat time: whether we treat it as if all times, that is, the past, present, and the future, are all as equally important and makes up the parts of a being, or that if one of these times, especially the present, is a more important concept than the other. The former view is called perdurantism, - the view that objects are four dimensional and these objects are split into temporal parts and, and each temporal part only PARTLY exists at each moment of their existence. Time, it is viewed, can be likened to the 3 spatial dimensions, in that it is a dimension that allows things to ‘spread out’, thus all temporal parts stretch across space-time, and objects are then called to be four dimensional and makes up the being of a person. For example, as perdurantism goes, the persons that makes the human being ‘Emille’ is Emille from the past, Emille of today and the Emille of the future; thus all parts from the past, present and future are all equal in making up the whole being that is Emille. The latter view, the view that states that the present is THE important concept, is the view of endurantism. Endurantism states that objects are 3D, and are wholly present at every moment of their existence, that objects have only spatial parts. This belief goes against the view of the perdurantists, in that there endurantists believe that objects are not extended in time when the Perdurantists believe objects do.Thus, Perdurantists are typically eternalists, since both views very closely relates to one another’s views: that all times (the past, present, the future) are all equally real and existent, and that both views denies that there is anything special about the use of tense language, ie the present tense, the past tense and the future tense.Endurantism are typically presentists, as also, they have both very similar views, that what is present now, at this point in time, exists, and the past and the future no longer exists and are made from logical or fictionm and that the use of tenses is considered to be very important in determining reality and what is important in it or not.I can almost feel something, perhaps sadness or grief, at the implication of the comment “I’m not the man I used to be”. I believe that the comment has particularly stressed the use of time, and would be more of an enduratist/presentist point of view as it has signified the significance of the present compared to the past, and confirming the fact that the person has changed overtime in such a way that he is somehow different from the past.With this in mind, I would probably more inclined towards endurantism/presentism rather than perdurantism/eternalism. This is simply because in some cases, I would find perdurantism to come against my common knowledge of my identity and my consciousness. For example, say that a student is top of the class in from one term and suddenly dropping to the bottom...

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