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Image Audit of Olav Thon Real Estates THE IMAGE AUDIT Corporate Communication - 1998-99 ? Describe your organization and do a mini-SWOT analysis of it.Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA was founded and given its present structure in 1982. The company is a part of the Olav Thon Group. It was introduced on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1983, and the company has grown considerably since then. The Group is mainly involved in real estate and operations in the hotel and restaurant trade. The company's main strategy is to invest in business properties which is centrally located, especially in the Oslo area. In the long term, the company aims to achieve the highest possible added value. This may be achieved through redevelopment and efficient operation of the properties. As of 01.01.98 the company's property portfolio consists of about 350 000 sqm of rental space, and the aggregate (theoretical) rental value of this portfolio is approximately NOK 408 mill. As of 31.12.97, the company had 1, 743 shareholders. Mr. Olav Thon holds about 62,3% of the shares.The semi-annual report as at 30 June 1998, shows that the Group's rental and other opertaing income for the first six months of 1998 was NOK 211,1 compared with NOK 178 million in the first half of 1997. The percentage of shares held by Mr. Olav Thon, did not change. The profit for the second half of 1998 was anticipated to be in line with the results of the first half-year.? MINI-SWOT ANALYSIS ? STRENGHTS: ? good maintenance and standard of the real estates ? Safe tenancy conditions - solid and secure real-estate management ? Flexibility regarding the size and situation of the premises ? Well established service apparatus, and good personal service ? Attractive premises ? Long experience ? loyal customers ? niches: offices / general business premises, shopping centers and hotels ? situation of premises ? well built infrastructure (train, subway, bus, roads etc.) around the real-estates ? WEAKNESSES: ? Expensive, and rising rental prices ? static marked ? OPPORTUNITIES: ? private housing marked ? industrial areas ? continued buying up and expansion in Oslo, Norway and abroad covers two segments: those who want to establish in the nucleus, and those who want to establish in shopping centers ? positive development regarding shopping centers ? localization close to the junctions/infrastructure ? continued development of shopping centers and hotels ? THREATS: ? home offices ? the authorities restricts business ? strong competition ? taxes ? shortage of properties and buildings ? shopping centers -"enormous dynamic inside commodity trade" ? Identify their most important stakeholder groups and explain their importance to the organization.A stakeholder is those with a vested interest or stake in an organization, or in other words they are individuals who perceive themselves to have an interest in the actions of an organization. They may be customers, shareholders, employees, or just members of society. They generally...

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