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1. IntroductionThe purpose of the report is to understand the image of the casino in Leeuwarden. Research is conducted in order to gain information about the perceived image by the residents of Leeuwarden and the projected image of the casino in Leeuwarden. Therefore it can be said that within this report there are two different perspectives. These two perspectives are divided between the residents' point of view and the managements' point of view. Through conducting research concerning the different perspectives, a comparison can be drawn. To conclude it can be said that the report informs one about the actual perception of the residents compared to the projected image of the management of the casino in Leeuwarden. In order to conduct the research concerning the casino in Leeuwarden, the problem statement below is formulated:"To what extent is there a difference between the projected image and the perceived image of the casino in Leeuwarden?"In order to be able to answer the problem statement, the following research questions have been developed:I: How do the residents perceive the casino in Leeuwarden?II: How did the perceived image changed in the last three years?III: How does the casino in Leeuwarden project itself towards the residents?IV: How does the management of the casino think they are being perceived and how would they like to be perceived?These research questions are the guideline within the report in order to find an answer to the formulated problem statement. Recommendations will be written after studying the outcomes of the research questions. Furthermore, an explanation of the research methods can be found within the report. Besides the research methods, a literature review is given to ground and explain the outcomes and recommendations towards the problem statement.2. Literature ReviewSince the central focus of a tourism destination is to attract tourists and a destination comprises tourism related businesses and support services like hotels, night clubs restaurants, casinos (Mill & Morrison, 2002), the image of a casino is considered as one of the important tools to lure tourists. However, the development of a destination has both positive and negative impacts and so does casino gaming as an economic development strategy in a destination. This chapter also explains the social and economic influences of the Holland Casino in Leeuwarden on the host community as far as established. Attention is also paid to the characteristics of the Holland Casino and furthermore to how the Leeuwarden casino projects its image to the residents' in particular and the Friesland destination in general. In addition, this chapter reviews the concepts of motivation, attitudes and behavior and their connection to casino activities. In a further section Image is explained, broken down into the subtopics of (1) destination image, (2) brand image, (3) perceived image and (4) projected image in connection with marketing and advertising.2.1. Holland...

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