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Images An Assessment Of How Different Authors Use Imagery

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Five, that’s how many senses we have. One to let us see the beautiful world around us, another to let us hear the sweet song of the birds. Others to let us smell, taste, and touch the things around us in the kitchen. Everyone has senses, but how can you explain to another, without verbal communication, what it is like to experience parts of the world? You must do this through your writing in order to make another understand. This is called imagery and all the greatest writers use it. Some examples of stories that use imagery would be; (1) There’s No Word for Goodbye by Mary Mountain, (2) Daily by Naomi Nye, (3) Hope by David Hilben,(4) and The Day of the Storm by Tyroneca Booker.
In the poem There’s No Word for Goodbye by Mary Mountain, Mary uses some very interesting imagery. She uses her skills as a writer to help the reader understand what it was like to gaze into her aunt’s eyes as he died. Mary writes ( page 678, lines 1-4),” Sokoya, I said, looking through the net of wrinkles ...view middle of the document...

You write as Naomi did when she wrote (page 679, line 1-4), “ These shriveled seeds we plant, corn kernel, dried bean, poke into loosed soil, cover over with measured fingertips.” Here Naomi is using Imagery to show what the seeds and soil felt like and how the soil looked. Still, Imagery doesn't only have to be used in poems, but short stories as well.
Hope by David Hilben is a short story with a lot of imagery hidden in it’s pages. David in a 8th grader who has a gift with words. After all he’s been publishing his work since he was in first grade. Hope is David’s story about a hurricane that strikes his main characters hometown. In the story, Adam and his Dad run to a storm cellar to hide from the hurricane. David wrote (page 690),” Adam’s reply was cut off by the crash of a huge oak tree being ripped out of the dirt and slamming into the ground a few meters away with the force of a stick of dynamite.” Now, not many readers have experienced the force of a stick of dynamite, but most how seen movies and are able to infer that to this event. The image of an exploding dynamite stick helps the readers the ponder about what the tree looked like as it was ripped from the ground
Finally, another short story that has tons of imagery is The Day of the Storm by Tyroneca Booker. Booker is another story about a man caught up in a hurricane. However, Booker doesn’t use her imagery quite like the others, She has her own style of which she relays information about the events her characters are exposed to. She writes (page 682), “ Vivid images come to mind - pine trees, emitting their signature smells from the freshly cracked wood, lie in the street like barricades.” Booker doesn’t use touch like most of the other authors do, instead, she uses smell and sight. This helps the readers to really picture to scene that is laid out before them. Bookers style is different from the other authors, but she is still able to get her points across through imagery.
Images follow us everywhere. Sometimes they are physical structures, but other time they are dreams that float into our minds as we rest. Either way, we live in a world of sights and sounds that are all screaming for our attention. But how do authors get the attention of readers? They simply do as the authors of There’s No Word for Goodbye, Daily, Hope, and The Day of the Storm have done. They use imagery.

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