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Images And Their Depictions On Social Network

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An image has the ability to convey philosophies that text possibly cannot; therefore, people tend to use images to express their emotions rather than texts. Images may look simple; however, they are in fact complex and hold various meanings behind them. Most social networks allow you to upload images in order to show your distinctive personality in any way you please. In other words, the pictures displayed in social networks do not necessarily show our whole personality, but only the aspects we would to be seen. A lot of the time, however, we use pictures while oblivious to the meanings they hold.
Chad is a 30-year-old English professor whose Facebook page displays two pictures that express ...view middle of the document...

The storm is shown as if it is behind the photographer since he is on the right side of the road, symbolizing the past being left behind. The position in which the photo was taken displays the road to be lengthy and hollow, signifying the distance chad had progressed away from his past; moving towards clear skies which portray a new beginning. Nonetheless, some may suggest that the picture is unlikely to have been taken by Chad due to the fact that website link is printed in the corner, the compositional features of the photograph cannot be associated with Chad. He may have subconsciously chosen a photograph with certain compositional features that reflect how he feels, regardless of whether he had taken the photograph.
Chad's profile picture, which is positioned in the corner of the cover photo, is more personal than his Cover Photo. It is a black and white picture of Chad strangled by a bear. Chad did not provide a caption to this picture which leaves it somewhat mysterious; therefore, raising many questions. Whether the person in the picture is actually Chad or someone else is not clear; nevertheless, since Profile Pictures are meant to be of the profile owner, it is logical to assume that Chad is actually the one in the photo. Although some may argue that the black and white photo looks to be too old to be of a 30-year-old man, it is possible that a filter was applied in order to make the picture look older than it actually is. It is also possible that the printer that was used to print this picture did not print in color.
In addition, it is not apparent whether the picture was staged or spontaneous. Despite the fact that some may say the photo was staged due to...

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