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Images Of The Church Essay

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The images of the Church are extremely important in Church history. They explain how and why the people of a certain time viewed the church. There are many different images that people associate the church with. Most of these images are based on a time period, whether it’s a time of suffering or a time of triumph.
The first image is one of the earliest images to describe the Church and it comes from the New Testament. In the first century, the church was identified as the “New Vine.” (Isaiah spoke of Israel as a vineyard of God) This image helped answer the questions of how Gentiles could become members of God’s chosen people without first becoming Jews. It also served as a reminder that ...view middle of the document...

He made Christianity legal and accepted. The image related to this time was the “City of God.” The “City of God” was a city that resembled Rome. This image described the Church with an established order and hierarchy. It allowed for great diversity and unity.
The next important period of time was the Dark Ages. During this time, Constantinople and its emperors lost control of the Western Church. The Church was known as a “Sheepfold.” The Church was a place of where people (Christians) were protected from the “wolves” of evil. Rome was falling apart and Europe was becoming an anarchy. Protection and security provided by the church took the place of culture and learning as priorities in society. The idea of church being protective enticed people to convert to Christianity. The Dark ages came to an end and the Middle Ages began.
After Charlemagne’s death, the empire began to struggle. The papacy became a prize to fight over resulting in many conflicts. The monastery of Cluny was established during this time. Theyre main goal was to free the church from its obligations to royalty. The monastery ended simony and inforced clerical celibacy so church positions and property couldn’t be hereditary. The image of the “Cultivated field” means that the wheat will be separated from the weeds; eventually God...

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