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Images Of Women In Literature Essay

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After reading “Brooklyn” by Paule Marshall and “One Off the Short List” by Doris Lessing, I learned about the different ways in which someone can be viewed as a sex object. The first story “Brooklyn” was about a Jewish professor and an African American student’s interaction. The professor Max Berman was an older white Jewish man who attracted to a graduate student in his class. Ms. Williams is a African American woman who is also a graduate student who is registered in Max Berman’s class. Both of the characters have been alienated from their culture.
The story Brooklyn is about a Professor Max Berman being attracted to a Graduate student Ms. Williams. Mr. Berman was a sixty three year old cigarette smoker; it speaks about him smoking them as if he was a chain smoker. It seems as if he was smoking them in class. He had been married twice. He was dismissed by society because he was a communist, he released from his former jobs. He wanted to escape his past situations by investing in a relationship with Ms. Williams.
Ms. William was black woman who was taught by her parents not to trust white people. She was also taught to not speak with people who are darker then her. So having a conversation with Mr. Berman caused her to confront her issues. She also was empowered by the opportunity to converse with Mr. Berman because it helped her become a bit more open minded.
Mr. Berman was interested in his student Ms. Williams was of because her loneness. He asked her to stay after class so that he can speak to her about the assignment that she turned in. He said “But I found it so interesting I wanted to give it to you privately”. That was his way of breaking the unknown between them two. He also wanted the opportunity to get to know her. Max. Berman then complimented her on her work and asked her questions. Then he made it seem as if he couldn’t speak to her at work because there was no privacy, but if they were speaking about school related things then the class room is the best place to speak. It was unprofessional for Mr. Berman to invite Ms. Williams over to his home. Mr. Berman touched Ms. Williams inappropriately at his place of employment. After he apologizes they then parted and Ms. Williams hadn’t returned to school until the day of the final exam. He expressed his happiness with her being in attendance on the day of the examination. After class was over, all students had left the class room expect one which was Ms. Williams. Ms. Williams told Mr. Berman “I changed my mind, I think I’d like to spend a say at your place in the country if your invitation still holds.” During that time spent with Mr. Berman she simply went to swim but her reason for visiting was to speak to him and let him know that those 3 weeks were spent thinking. Mr. Berman began to speak about why he likes Ms. Williams and she thought it was because she was black. When he tried to explain that it had nothing to do with her race she then responded with anger. She said “I was...

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