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Imaginary Made Up Car. Essay

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The Conservuzzer 911.My work group and I have finally finished manufacturing our dream car, the Conservuzzer 911, the first hybrid sports car ever made. It is a beautiful, safe and sturdy car that works on gas and electric power. This car is ideal for someone who enjoys speed and believes in the conservation of our planet. We worked hard to make a comfortable interior that perfectly fits the size of the car, a gorgeous exterior that bewilders the eyes, and a powerful engine that is state of the art. This is a very potent and customized car that matches to your posture for the maximum luxury while driving. This is the best deal you can get out of a sports car.The Conservuzzer 911 has a V-12 engine and a horsepower of three hundred and fifty. The capacities of this car surpass the expectations of an electrical car. The car can attain the speed of two hundred and twenty-five miles per hour. The Conservuzzer 911 is a manual car and it features a six-speed manual transmission. There are fourteen miles per gallon of gas; however, on the electrical mode, the miles the car can ride before having to recharge the battery depends on the speed you use the car at. There are shock absorbers that turn a raucous and bumpy trip into a smooth ride. The top of the car may seem low but the seat can move up and down, also, the hood of the car has two positions, a lower position when you want speed, and a higher position, when riding around town. Riding this car will give the driver an unthinkably outstanding adrenaline rush. Getting into this car would lead only in pleasure.The Conservuzzer 911 is a sleek and beautiful car. The interior is made of suede and the car is a two-seater. The seats are adjustable for utmost comfort. There is a GPS navigation system 2004; there is no more need for confusing and unwieldy maps. You may add a marble stick shift, a six-CD changer, and/or a leather-coated steering wheel along with many other interior and exterior items to customize your car. For the...

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