Imaginary Story Essay

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Imaginary Story

Inspector Dixon could recognize slight scratch on the victim’s
bracelet. Now he discovered the murderer of Mrs Watson. The only
person who could make this scratch was...

‘NICKY!’ My name is Nicky, a seventeen years old college girl, who
wants to be a detective in the future. It was a sunny and cloudless
day. The library was very quiet. There were about sixteen people in
library and two of them were looking for some books on the shelf
beside me. My schoolmate, Sally Looney was looking at me in a dull and
bored look. Her eyes were half closed and her ginger hairs were stuck
to the end. No one might imagine she was a clever girl, who has
achieved 12 A* grades in her GCSEs and 5 A grades in her AS-level. ‘Sally,
Inspector Dixon was just about to say the name of the murderer,
because he just discovered a scratch on the…’ ‘Nicky! I have called
you more than three times! Are you listening to me?’ Sally replied in
a bored voice and a girl from the other desk raised her head to find
out the origin of disruption. ‘I am really bored. We have been in here
for nearly 4 hours! I am hungry now.’ Sally was shouting at me with an
eager look. There were nearly seven ridiculous books on Sally’s desk
such as ‘Collection of classic novels’ and ‘Yellow Pages’. ‘Oh Sally,
it’s because you are choosing boring books. Why are you reading Yellow
Pages?’ I asked. ‘I like finding funny names and shops. Look, there is
a special retailer selling stuff for Aliens. I should get something.
How exciting it is!’ She began to spin her books using her head and
two arms. ‘But, Sally, you should read something useful, Inspector
Dixon was just…SALLY!’ It was too late. She already had snatched my ‘The
cottage of blood’ and spun it using her thumb. ‘Can you do it? Can you
do it?’ Sally was grinning at me and I could not bear any longer. ‘SALLY!
red, half due to anger and half due to shame. Everyone in library was
looking at us and the glasses of librarian were flashing. ‘But…I can
spin three books at one go.’ Sally replied in a cheery voice. Now the
eyebrow of librarian was twitching. The librarian walked towards us
and pointed at a sign, which was saying ‘Keep Silence’. ‘I expect you
can read what it is saying, ladies?’ The librarian said in a trembling
voice and I could see her long and sharp polished nail. However, Sally
still did not realise the seriousness of the situation and carried on
spinning the book. ‘Out! Right now!’ The librarian lost her nerve and
shouted in an even louder voice than us. Finally Sally dropped her
book and we had to run away, as quiet as possible. The librarian was
still shouting in the librarian and Sally began to speak to me when

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