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Creativity Essay

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1. Introduction:
In 21st century, the development of economic and technology is spreading widely all around the world. It is one of the main cause leads to the competition between many organisations or companies. There are many different organisations and they all want to be successful and well-known in the world by their brands. However, the opportunity is limited so the competition would be more dramatically. In addition, the awareness of people is higher than before and they need more products with both high quality and nice shape. In order to afford their satisfaction, the organisations need to create something newer and better. Therefore, the possible solution to help the organisation develop better is creativity. Creativity is based on the ability of each individual and it is the most persuadable and reliable criteria to evaluate the quality of the organisations. This report was written to help people understand more about the creativity and its benefits for organisations.

2. Creativity:
2.1: Definition of creativity:
Based on Kaufmann and Sternberg’s reseach (2007), creativity is a complicated phenomenon that creates something new by working individually or in group. It appears in many subjects such as: art, literature, music, architecture, technology, science, business... It can be an invention in technology or science, a new creation in art, a new design in fashion or architecture or a solution in any other subjects that improve our life and make people more satisfied. Most definitions of creativity comprise three criteria: the first criteria is new, different or innovative. The second criteria is better quality and the last one is must be appropriate to the task at hand . Otherwise, there are many factors influence to the creativity depends on personality factors and sociality factors.

2.2: Factors of creativity:
2.2.1: Personality factors:
a. Intelligence:
According to Horan (2007), personality is one of the most important factors in creativity. It is based on people’ ability and cognition. The question “Why some people are more creative than others?” still a big question for us.
Many ideas were given to explain the assumption that the creativity is related to the intelligence. Intelligence is defined as the capacity to recognize information of the environment and select strategies to optimize adaption toward the environment. It can be shown in many different and unlimited ways like: communication, learning, understanding, performing, planning, problem solving and so on. One way to evaluate the intelligence for each individual is based on the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test score – a famous intelligent evaluation test worldwide (Albrecht, K. (2004), p.26). It is believed that if the score they can get in this test is higher, the more intelligence they will have. Thus, people often try their best to get the highest IQ score by their ability.
Recently researchers have some evidences to...

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