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The imaginative journey is one in which we escape reality and are invited to acknowledge a new reality within the realms of the imagination. These journeys offer change and discovery providing valuable insight into ones past, present and future. Coleridge's poems, "This Limetree Bower My Prison" and "Frost at Midnight" take the reader on an imaginative journey with the character through various forms of imagery placing a clear image in the readers mind. The book cover for "The Ivory Trail" by Victor Kelleher offers an artistic representation of the journey with images superimposed for added effect. The movie "The Butterfly Effect" co-directed by Eric Bress and J.Mackye Grubber is based on the chaos theory in which every little occurrence leads to a much larger event. The TV Show "Lost" follows the lives of 14 survivors of a plane crash placed in unrealistic circumstances on a strange island. These texts represent what the imaginative journey has to offer in a variety of ways.The poems of Coleridge were written in the Romanticist era and thus, have elements of nature imagery imbedded within. For example in "Kubla Khan" Coleridge describes the location "Where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man..." using nature imagery to place a clear image in the readers mind and enjambment to keep the flow of the poem. As mentioned above his poetry represents not just a journey for the character, but also a journey for the reader through the nature and sensory imagery."This Limetree Bower My Prison" is a poem in which Coleridge, incapacitated due to injury, takes us on an imaginative journey with him to the dell where his friends are exploring. Taking this journey gives rise to a change of opinion. Coleridge originally feels trapped giving a negative view of his situation, "This Limetree bower my prison", using the metaphor of his situation being like a prison to emphasise the fact that he feels trapped. Upon taking the journey his opinion is changed as "A delight comes sudden on my heart, and I am glad as I myself were there". An enjambment is used here to keep the flow of the poem while making the reader pause at the final words of each line for their emphasis. From the journey Coleridge learns for himself, and teaches the reader, that "nature ne'er deserts the wise and pure""Frost at Midnight" is another of Coleridge's poems in which Coleridge, only in the company of his sleeping child, reflects upon his childhood and school life. The reflection, sparked by the dancing flames of the fire allows Coleridge to come to the conclusion that his education was poor because he "saw nought lovely but the sky and stars." He resolves to make his sons education better than his own because his son...

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