Imaginative Journeys: Relating Colerdige's "Frost At Midnight" To Richard Kelly's Film "Donnie Darko". (Australian Hsc Essay Recieved 98%)

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SYNOPSIS OF "DONNIE DARKO"Donnie Darko is a troubled schizophrenic teenager who lives in the picturesque American suburb of Middlesex. When an unidentified giant aeroplane engine crashes into his room, a chain of mysterious events is triggered. Donnie is visited in his sleep by a giant bunny called Frank, god-like prophet who has a gunshot wound over his eye, encourages him to sleepwalk, and consequently, saves Donnie from the jet engine, telling him that the world will end in 28 days. As this day (Halloween) approaches, Donnie stops taking his medication, becomes increasingly detached from reality and alienated from his quietly dysfunctional family and frustrating school life. His only respites are his new girlfriend Gretchen, Frank's night time visits, and his discovery of the possibility of time travel, to which he is sure Frank is linked. The plot takes a devastating turn, as on Halloween, Gretchen is fatally hit by a speeding car. The driver steps from behind the wheel, to be revealed as none other than Frank. Donnie, overcome with rage and grief, kills Frank with one lethal shot to the head, before fleeing with Gretchen's body. Donnie realises the only way to change the course of events is to go back in time (utilising the break in the space/time continuum, that is, the trigger for the end of the world), be killed by the falling jet engine and in turn, avert the world's end. The film ends with this shift in time and the vindication of Donnie's ideas (formerly attributed to mental illness), with Donnie's family grieving outside their house as emergency services rush to the scene. Gretchen, a stranger to Donnie at this point, cycles past and waves, unaware of his sacrifice for her. Sub-plotlines revolve around the satirical characters of life-coach/motivational speaker Jim Cunningham, who is responsible for a kiddy porn ring, and evangelistic teacher Kitty Farmer, a devout follower of Cunningham, spearhead of the "Free Jim Cunningham Campaign" and leader of "Sparkle Motion", award-winning dance team involving Donnie's sister Sam.WHAT IMAGINATIVE JOURNEYS ARE CONVEYED IN THE TEXT?"Donnie Darko" explores an imaginative journey of protagonist Donnie for completeness and self-discovery, an inner journey which results in a major revelation, and concerns imaginative journeys which take place in fantasy realms, deal with deep, intense emotion and seek to reconcile the conflicts and opposites in one's past. Donnie embarks on an imaginary journey to escape from a constrictive reality (using imagination to free himself), which involve an unengaging school life, dysfunctional family setting and inner torment. On this journey, he explores the concepts of agnosticism and the idea that every living thing is a creation of God and "God's master plan". Meanwhile, the composer, Richard Kelly, shows the responder that an imaginary journey can also be an extrapolation of an aspect of contemporary society, and therefore, a commentary on its nature, by...

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588 words - 2 pages at least hope that the chances are fairly slim. A schedule may be set beforehand, but whether the activities run on time is never guaranteed. This unpredictability adds to the enigma of travel as journeys provide opportunities to experience and encounter things that may lead to a chance in perspective. Although Pierre's flight had to stop at Singapore until the weather conditions improved, this normally frustrating incident provided him with an

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647 words - 3 pages After an imaginative journey the mind frame of the person who undertook the journey has altered due to a new understanding, therefore they are unable to return to the same mind frame that they previously had. Similarly, the imaginative journey that Samuel Taylor Coleridge embarks on during his conversational poems, "Frost at Midnight" and "This Lime Tree Bower My Prison" transforms his mind. With the use of thematic juxtaposition, melodrama

"Frost At Midnight", by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

1881 words - 8 pages 'Frost at Midnight' is another of Coleridge's most famous Conversation poems. In it, through musing on some childhood memories set off by the quiet within his cottage, Coleridge partly muses on those psychological states that produce poetry. Hence, it is another perfect exemplar of an imaginative journey - and, again, it is one which eventually broadens his own understanding of the world.The following analysis takes you carefully through the

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2179 words - 9 pages Romanticism was a revolutionary movement which began in English Literature (mainly poetry) around the Eighteenth Century in Western Europe and gained height during the times of the Industrial Revolution. Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley, Keats, Coleridge and Blake were regarded as the ‘Big Six’ of Romanticism. In ‘Tintern Abbey’ by William Wordsworth, ‘Frost at Midnight’ by Samuel Coleridge and ‘ Ode to the West Wind’ by Percy Shelley, we see clearly

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1655 words - 7 pages . 11). Instead, Coleridge's speaker meditates with wonder upon such an ordinary thing as soot. As he does so he transforms the film into a friend and liberates the focus of the poem from the immediate confines of the cottage to the more promising realm of memory and imagination. The speaker of 'Frost at Midnight' displays a characteristic reverence for nature – possibly the essential concern of Romanticism. In pious tones, he describes the &quot

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2055 words - 8 pages , depicting the theme of the association of nature and God, and communicating to the audience the situation of the poet in terms of religious feelings. Just as the eolian harp causes the poet to lead an intellectual and emotional daydream journey in “The Eolian Harp,” the fireplace and the film of soot fluttering on the bar of the grate sends the poet into a daydream in which he reflects on his child hood in “Frost at Midnight.” The poet thinks

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1594 words - 6 pages , representing the fires that's gone out of his imagination which fuel his poetry. The focus on the almost unperceivable fluttering of the film on the grate reinforces the stillness within the cottage. The repetition of "fluttered... still flutters" conveys the persistency of this movement, creating a nagging feeling, articulating the persona's restlessness and frustration at his inability to rekindle his own creative fire. (or: He sees a

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597 words - 2 pages The imaginative journey is one in which we escape reality and are invited to acknowledge a new reality within the realms of the imagination. These journeys offer change and discovery providing insight into one’s past, present and future. They can have a great impact on the way we see our world and can change our perspectives. “Frost at Midnight” by Samuel Coleridge and “The City of Invention” by Fay Weldon both take the

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943 words - 4 pages The imaginative journey is one in which we escape reality and are invited to acknowledge a new reality within the realms of the imagination. These journeys offer change and discovery providing valuable insight into ones past, present and future. Coleridge's poems, "This Limetree Bower My Prison" and "Frost at Midnight" take the reader on an imaginative journey with the character through various forms of imagery placing a clear image in the

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1608 words - 6 pages Robert Frost - Relating To Life ExperiencesRobert Frost - Relating to Life Experiences The Road Not Taken, Mending Wall, Birches, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost is remembered as one of the most popular and honored poets of the twentieth century. (Mertins- Frost) His popularity is partly due to his experiences and the universal themes that he uses to create his poems about relationships, nature, and the world. (Mertins- Frost

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1109 words - 4 pages . Before this Cordelia was often seen as a weak, Madonna-like figure, whereas more recent productions, such as that of Richard Eyre reinterpret her role as one of strength. In this production, Cordelia reappears toward the end of the play wearing armour, with short hair, kneeling at an alter, praying, in an attempt to show her strength as an army commander and independent thinker and her subversive gender role. This reinterpetation demonstrates how

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1089 words - 4 pages ?' [Never]".King ties together the literal and imaginative elements of the journey by urging audience members to continue the struggle in their home towns: "Go back to Mississippi (Yes), go back to Alabama, go back to South Carolina..." By repeating the words "go back", King reinforces this visual message and involves the audience in his communal journey to freedom.EXPLAIN THE LINK BETWEEN COLERIDGE'S "FROST AT MIDNIGHT" AND "I HAVE A DREAM""Frost at

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786 words - 3 pages "To what extent has studying the concept of imaginative journeys expanded your understanding of yourself, of individuals and the world?"To reach the full potential of our human experience, an individual must reach beyond the boundaries of the physical world and use the power of imagination to reach an understanding of the self and the natural world. Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poems, "This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison" and "Frost at Midnight

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1120 words - 4 pages Transformation due to the undertaking of an imaginative journey is a certainty for every person. After an imaginative journey the mind frame of the person who undertook the journey has altered due to a new understanding, therefore they are unable to return to the same mind frame that they previously had. Similarly, the imaginative journey that Coleridge embarks on during the poem Frost at Midnight transforms his mind. Coleridge begins the

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1065 words - 4 pages prison he describes.The process of speculation also influences the imaginative journey of the persona in "Frost at Midnight." The initial tone of the poem is subtle and unforced with a meditative atmosphere. This effect stems from the use of imagery, "the inmates of my cottage, all at rest; Have left me to that solitude," implying he's only one awake. The persona then associates the silence with his loneliness, bringing his surroundings and