Imaginative Staffing Inc Case Solution If So, Who Should Be On The Team?

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Just as Borland assigned Judy Morgan the task of researching team selling, instructors may want to ask students to bring in relevant articles from popular business magazines on team selling. These would provide students concrete examples of forming, training, use, compensation, and effectiveness of a sales team.Questions:1. Should Imaginative Staffing, Inc. adopt a team selling system for selling to important accounts?Using a single salesperson to open, sell, and close a major account where the selling process takes six months is a risky venture. There are many pitfalls along the way and many sales may be lost simply because of a letdown during the cycle. Team selling spreads some of the work around, so a single person's slip may not cost a sale.A sales team also help make an impression of strength and professionalism on the part of the selling organization. The prospective company will view a well-orchestrated team selling effort as a preview of the effort the company will make on their behalf after they've become a customer. In essence, since the salesperson represents the entire selling organization, team selling is bringing a larger portion o the larger group to the prospective customer.It is likely that Imaginative Staffing will be able to sell more large accounts and do it more quickly with a well-orchestrated team effort.2. If so, who should be on the team?There are only 25 people on the staff, so it's a pretty finite group to choose from. Obviously the team needs a leader (or orchestrator). This should probably be the sales rep assigned to the account. The size of the team should be related somewhat to the number of contacts it is necessary to make in the prospect's organization in order to make the sale, as well as be related to the number of the prospect's people that will be involved in a presentation. The more people from the prospect, the larger the selling team can afford to be, up to a limit.For selling to large accounts, the sales rep would want to have Borland as well as the account rep that will be handling the client on the team. Borland's presence would signal a commitment from the senior management of the company. For certain situations,...

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