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Second Time's A CharmMy first Counter-Strike tournament win was quite a surprise. My team scrounged a fifth player to complete our roster an hour before we registered, so we weren't exactly the favorites. However, during warm-ups, my team was incredible. I couldn't be touched, and in my twenty minutes in front of the computer, I had racked up 26 kills and died only once. Another member of my team also had a high score, killing 14 before finally dieing and handing the machine over to another person. During the warm-ups, we each had people huddled around us, anxiously awaiting the next shot, hoping to see a preview of the tournament hours before it began. And we gave the people a show. This tournament was one of the most entertaining events I've ever participated in.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Counter-Strike is a computer game in which a team of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists are set against each other with a set of objectives to complete. The game is very realistic; one bullet can kill you, and if you're moving or jumping, accuracy is virtually non-existent. In order to enter a tournament, your team needs to have five people. That's basically the only prerequisite to play this game. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have skill, either. In order to move on in a tournament, your team needs to win 13 out of 24 rounds. After 12 rounds, the teams switch roles from Terrorist to Counter-Terrorist and vice versa, and then the game is restarted.In the first round, we were pitted against a team who was supposed to be really good. One of our teammates even told us that we shouldn't be embarrassed if we lost to them. Well, we didn't need to worry about that; we shut them out, 13-0. The next round was much more competitive, however.The team we played in the second round was surprisingly good; they won their first match 13-2. My team quickly dug ourselves in a hole, losing the first four rounds before finally winning one. After that, the match went back and forth. We were tied 11-11 when I found myself the last man on my team still standing, up against all five of their guys. I heard footsteps, so I quickly walked to the closest corner and placed the silencer on the end of my rifle. The footsteps from the doorway halted, and that's when I made my move. I leaned out from where I was hiding and saw two of them with their backs to me, circling back to where they came from. I quickly kneeled and put two shots to the back of both of their heads. I ran to their bodies, grabbed one of their sniper rifles, and rushed to another doorway, zooming in anticipation of an enemy on the receiving end of this shot. Sure enough, there was someone there. I let a shot off, and it hit dead on. As soon as the rifle's shot sounded, someone peeked their head around a corner, and I fired again....

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902 words - 4 pages their anger and incentives were probably not a result of their participation in the game, their actions certainly were. These kids have passion for nothing else, except the fantasy lives lived through their video games. Something needs to be done to regulate the content of these games, and their availability to our youth. Without some new legislation, it's only a matter of time before our 7 year-olds are using atomic bombs to blow up Iraqi

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