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Creative Writing Story Titles "Twinkle Twinkle", Not Sure If It Makes Any Sense I Can Understand It But I'd Like Another Perspective...Any Comments/Criticism/Etc.

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Estelle secured the heavy oak doors quietly, not wanting to wake her family. She wasn't dressed, - as was the custom - in white, but instead in a variety of grays and blacks. She knew if she were caught there would be trouble, but she couldn't bear the asinine rules any longer.The chilled winter air bit hungrily at her ears and she pulled her beanie down tighter as if to shut out the cold, but also, people who might see her.Eyes darting from side to side, nervously, she stuffed her hands in her coat pockets in an effort to keep them warm, but the frosty wind bit an invisible hole right through.Not aware of the time, she knew still, that she must be late due to all of the precautions she'd taken just to get out of the house alone.She scurried across the road and melted among the shadows as soon as she reached the other side. It was lined with huge ash trees, their leaves bright orange and bronze. They provided all the cover she needed. Slipping from behind one to another and weaving in and out of the baby trees that anybody else would have collided with, she carried herself quietly and delicately.She was petite with long ebony curls cascading down her shoulders from under her beanie. She had the most electrifying brown eyes with a tint of orange, almost like a Tabby cats. With those eyes, she didn't look at people, she pried deep inside them.She came to halt at a meadow with nothing in it but a pair of swings and a dilapidated wooden cubby-house. She was on full alert but moved with trepidation compared to her hurried sprint along the street. The playground looked deserted and so did it sound, but she moved deliberately towards the rotting wooden door of the children's playhouse. Without opening it, she reached deep inside her left pocket and produced a piece of paper that had been folded somany times that it was about the size of a finger-nail. She slipped it silently under the door and etched a diminutive message on the doorframe. It said simply "They're gold"A slight shadow quivered against the park fence, it's owner hidden by the only non-thorny bush in the entire area. Henry watched as Estelle moved towards the gate, then, having second thoughts, rush to one of the swings and push off.All that time she'd had a frown of concentration plastered on her face, but at that moment a placid smile found its way to her lips and she couldn't, or didn't bother to force it away as she would have done at home.Henry soon became aware of the cramp that had crept up on him and was spreading through his other leg. He moved. A crisp leaf crackled under his shoe.The sound was enough for Estelle. She jerked out of her blithe trance and there was suddenly no evidence of a smile ever being on her face. She hurled herself from the swing and ran.She dodged, with just as much precision as before, the small trees and stones in her way. The only difference was that she didn't stop for even a second.She arrived home in a flurry of terror. Had she been too long? Would her...

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