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Imagine That You Are The Director Of Admissions At Ashesi University College And You Had To Choose From Among A Group Of Very Well Qualified Appli

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Excellent academic performance is one of the most important entrant requirements needed to secure admission in Ashesi University College in particular and all other Universities in general. Excellent academic performance is visibly available and therefore the most easy requirement for us, the directors of admissions to have access to.

In recent times, we the directors have gone further to take into account other qualities / characteristics which we feel is needed in addition to excellent academic performance as a basis to consider when admitting students into the higher academic environment. These we believe will serve to compliment the high academic performance expected of each student and ...view middle of the document...

Striving to become a successful doctor or a concert pianist is the kind of goals people should set for themselves which will eventually get one to be rich or famous, and not vice versa. Ambition teaches people to find the strength to recover quickly from difficult situations they have experienced. It provides them with the capacity to deal with stress or misfortune. This is why ambition would be one of the characteristics that are important to me in making my decision.

Most of the youth today do not have the initiative skills. Initiative is the ability an individual has to act or take charge before others do without prompting and little supervision. I think initiative is important because it shows that the student is responsible and willing to take risks, which are two very important things needed to succeed in this world. Employers have no time for people who sit around waiting for them to give out orders, this also applies to schools. Students are expected to take initiative in learning and other activities rather than waiting for teachers or lecturers to give them special assignments.
A student that has initiative will be able to take responsibility above their required work and follow through with it successfully. Graduate students must also show that they are eager to learn, and highly motivated. He or she should demonstrate the ability...

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