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Imagineering Essay

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Executive SummaryPrefaceTable of contentIntroducing De Zilveren TorenHistory of RegardzRegardz is a Dutch meeting center company who is situated in different parts of the Netherlands.The company started with the name AHM Hotel Groep in 1982. The company was developed out of project development activities of Heilijgers Bouw. The first exploitation company was De Eenhoorn in Amersfoort. In time, more and more companies joined the group.In 2005 the name AHM Hotel Group changes into Regardz. In 2008 Regardz developed three labels: Regardz Hotels, Regardz Event Centers and Regardz Meeting Centers.Since 2011 the Regardz locations are more independent with their own features and characteristics.Vision and MissionRegradz put their clients and guests in the first place. Also in this rapidly changing economy they try to fulfill this with the help of the internet which give a grip on the market. Nowadays de business guest is mobile and working has become mobile. Regardz offers all kinds of possibilities to fit into these guests lifestyle.Their mission is to take the worries away from their clients and guests and to maximize the value. Regardz follows the newest trends and developments in order to offer the business market Out of Office and Out of Home locations, facilities, products and services.Goals for 2013Regardz has several goals for 2013. They want to contribute to the continuity of the world in which we live. Therefore they have based most of its goals on becoming more sustainable. At the end of 2013 Regardz aims that all its locations have obtained the Green Key status. The company plans to undertake several actions to achieve this goal. Several of these actions are:A waste reduction of 6%5% fewer energy consumptionIntroducing environmental friendly cleaning materialsDe Zilveren TorenOne of the locations of Regardz is De Zilveren Toren. This meeting venue is situated in Amsterdam, next to the train station. The tower has an amazing view and perfect for short meetings, brainstorm meetings, 'flexwerk' place, events and congress.ProductsDe Zilveren Toren offer the following products and facilities:Good accessibility by carSpecial location regarding activities, sights, view and historyGood accessibility by public transport (bus, train)Bike shedParking garage nearbyRestaurant Level Eleven for lunch, dinner or just coffeeSeveral multi-functional training and meeting rooms.BarBoardroomEventsExternal recreationNearby Schiphol airportClimate control in every meeting roomTarget GroupDe Zilveren Toren focusses on business people. They mainly want to attract guests for events because de Zilveren Toren offers a great location and venue. Attracting more guests for meetings is becoming more and more important for them as well.Core ValuesThe core values of De...

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