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Imagining With Billions Of Nutrons Essay

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ZAP! One hundred billion neurons team up with each other to transfer motion, thoughts and help you imagine every second. This process has been used by humans since the dawn of existence. Through this we have pondered, created, and expanded into beings of thought and consciousness. With this amazing process we have gone from rocky caves to towering skyscrapers. With the Science Math and Computer Sciences program (SMACS) at Poolesville High School I wish to use all one hundred billion of these neurons. Not only with the intense instruction that I will receive there but also to use them and create things that will astound and benefit the world. When I enter the SMACS house at Poolesville you will learn that I am an analytic, enthusiastic and hard-working student.
One thing I am constantly doing is analyzing, whether it be at home or at school. I am constantly observing how people react to different treatment. For example through regular interactions with my friends and peers I take into account what people are comfortable with, how they react and what they do to stand out from the crowd. Through all this I learn how to become a better person and shine in my own unique way. I also am constantly calculating odds. Before answering a question, throwing a ball or even taking a test I will calculate what my odds of doing the task perfectly. If the odds seem against me I will do anything in my power to change them. For example if I have not grasped a concept full enough I will ask for...

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