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Developing an IMC campaign strategy is vital for Hill's Pet GPS to become a successful product. Many factors need to be taken into consideration in the planning process for the campaign strategy, such as, deciding on the mix and level of different IMC ingredients as advertising, sales promotion, publicity and direct marketing. The IMC strategy depends on the type of product market, how the product will be made available to the public, buyer's need for a new product and pricing.In this discussion, Team C will develop an IMC campaign strategy for Hill's Pet GPS and Team C will identify and describe the target market of our campaign, along with a description of the positioning strategy for Hill's Pet GPS campaign. In addition, Team C will create a marketing communications objectives based on market research. Lastly, Team C will select the appropriate IMC tools for the campaign and describe how each tool will be used.Target MarketsDemographic segmentation for Hill's Pet GPS will include age, gender, and income, and marital status. Research will show that certain target markets are able to devote more time and money on their pets. The target audiences are pet owners who may have more than one pet. Many are working professionals, with or without children, who place a high value on their pets. More women are pet owners rather than mothers due to a variety of reasons including job demands and marital status. Pet owners are also treating their pets as part of the family today, in some cases the pets are the family. The target markets will include men, women, and couples ranging in age 35-44 and 45-54. The household size may be one to four persons, with an annual income of $35K - $75K. This includes both married couples and singles.Positioning StrategyTeam C will use a benefit positioning strategy. "This type of positioning is based on benefits, advantages that allow a product to satisfy customers' needs, wants, or desires" (Duncan, 2004, pg.77). Many of the Hill's brand pet foods are already considered to be premium and the goal is to build on that brand. Not only can Hill's keep pets well nourished and healthy, now they can help keep pets safe and easy to track in the event they become lost. Team C wants to brand the Hill's Pet GPS as the value based model in pet locators due to the increasing value pet owners place on their pets. This positioning will reflect that Hill's uses the same quality reflective elements as those used in the construction of fire and safety gear used to protect fire and emergency services personnel. This allows the customer to affiliate Hill's product with something they know and value, and will also highlight the benefits of the Hill's product that is sure to satisfy the customer's needs, wants, and desires. After all, one wouldn't send a family member out without proper protection.Hill's Pet Nutrition IMC ObjectivesCommenting on the pet market, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) says that the...

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