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Executive Summary

The following report provides a social media strategy for YAGO, a start-up venture that will begin operations from 1 January, 2014. YAGO is a Melbourne-based yoga company that will offer Power Vinyasa yoga classes. The company will function as a mobile business, bringing classes to customers' homes as well as outdoor venues and spaces.
YAGO aims to target customers aged 25-44 years of age who seek private classes due to their passion for yoga, or their need to improve physical health. Both segments require classes that differ to the generic yoga services offered at studios and gyms. With their offering of fun, supportive and highly customised classes, YAGO can provide value to these individuals.
As a company, YAGO aims to grow its customer base and achieve a net profit of $20,000 within its first 12 months of operation. To achieve this with limited resources, YAGO will reach out to customers through social media, using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs to increase brand awareness, preference, engagement and trial. Offering strong support services online will also help YAGO to augment their yoga classes, differentiating them from competitors.
To achieve all these objectives, YAGO will use the following social media strategies:
Listening and establishing a supportive online presence by providing useful information and building strong support communities on social media platforms.
Creating a buzz with yoga events to drive traffic on social media pages.
Co-creating value with customers through social media activities.
Offering vouchers and free classes on social media sites to induce trial.
The following plan provides details for YAGO's social media strategies and activities for a 12 month period beginning, 31 December 2013 to 31 December 2014.

Company OverviewYAGO is start-up Yoga Company set to open in January 2014. It will offer Power Vinyasa style yoga, emphasising active and passive stretches and strengthening for all muscles groups in the body with a specific focus on the core region and arms. Benefits include strengthening, increased flexibility, better balance, stress reduction, relaxation and improved concentration.As a start-up venture, YAGO will be a mobile business, operating privately in customers' homes, at the home-based studio of YAGO's founder, Rosy Waldron, and in various outdoor settings including parks. Due to space restrictions, YAGO will initially target individuals, pairs and small groups. The company will differentiate itself through tailored yoga services, engaging customers with special promotions, augmented services and marketing strategies using various social media platforms.Mission StatementBy offering tailored yoga classes that are suited to individual needs, YAGO's aim is to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of clients, in order to improve the quality of life for customers and their associates.Value PropositionYAGO aims to provide fun, unique yoga classes that are...

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