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Imc Plan For Dove Essay

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IMC Plan for DoveContents21. Introduction 22. Brief Introduction of Dove 33. Survey and Analysis of Dove in the UK Market 33.1 Analysis of Questionnaire 63.2 SWOT Analysis of Marketing Strategies 74. IMC Strategies(Marketing Mix) 74.1. Product Strategy 74.2. Advertising Strategy 74.3. Price Strategy 84.4. Placing Strategy 84.5. Promotion Strategy 94.6. Innovation-Emotion Strategy 95. Evaluation of IMC Strategy 106. Conclusion 107. References 1. Introduction21st century is the high-speed boom stage of the sustained development of market economy, and the economic model will have a drastic change to be a more rational market. Under the new era of rapid development of information and widespread Internet, our game rules are more scientific and reasonable, and the competition will be more brutal for the enterprises which do not have the competitive edge. Our consumers are more rational that we need to enrich our products and services to present them the best products.In the mid-80s of the 20th century, American marketing guru Don • Schultz proposed and developed the view of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). It refers to unifying all communication activities that are related with the marketing of the companies, recognizing and evaluating the strategic role of the various communication methods to make them build a constructive relationships with their employees, customers, other stakeholders and the general public with the help of a variety of media or other means of contact, thus to establish and strengthen the mutually beneficial relationships with them, and to combine these methods and integrate the dispersed information seamlessly in order to provide clear, consistent and continuous and the largest impact of communication. The core idea of IMC is to integrate all internal and external resources to recycle the production behavior and market behavior of the enterprises and fully mobilize all positive factors to achieve the unified communications objectives of the enterprises.Schultz (1997) thought that integrated marketing communications is a integrative spread tool to carry out enterprise's marketing strategies. Duncan and Caywood (1996) put forward: "integrated marketing communication is a set of strategic process that influence or control all market information, it need to coordinate all the information and organizational communication media, to integration the brand influence to consumers, to encourage purpose dialogue, and to create and cultivate profits relations between enterprise and customers and other stakeholders.2. Brief Introduction of DoveIn 1986, M&M/Mars crowded Dove into arms, and treated the Dove brand which is born for love as a daughter. After the improvement for the purity and taste of Dove chocolate, the M&M/Mars introduced milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and other new flavors of chocolate in the 90s of last century. These chocolates continue writing the legend of Dove and make the popularity of Dove...

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Imc Plan For Dove Essay

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