Imagination: The Valuable Asset To Gain Knowledge

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Is imagination a more valuable asset than knowledge? 131059 m2 쯔ᄈᆰᅦ￶

Whenever I rest my chin on my hand and ponder, I can be anything. I can be Hermione Granger, fighting against Voldemort and saving my friend from evil. I can do anything with a magic wand and fly into the sky. I can drink potions to do anything I want. Such is the power of imagination; a process of thinking which provides us with anything we wish to have. And thus, imagination is a valuable asset indeed, even more valuable than my knowledge.

First of all, Knowledge is made from imagination. Without the process if imagination, knowledge cannot exist. For centuries, scholars have devoted their lives to discover certain facts. Some economists such as Adam Smith have devoted tremendous amount of time to establish a theory 'invisible hand', and Thomas Edison, a well-known scientist have suffered through tremendous times of failure and invented a light bulb. Thanks to these people, we now can know the basic principles of economics to make market a better place for people who are involved in trade in market place and are able to work and keep on our daily lives at night. However, could these knowledge and practical outcomes exist without imagination? Adam Smith started with a single doubt, 'What drives market to make equilibrium at certain point?' Without a process of thinking and imagining the outcome, he could have not developed a theory. What's more, a word 'invisible' involves a process of imagination in itself. Edision cannot be an exception either. Without imagination of a night with light, no light bulb could be made. Thanks to imagination, humans could discover facts and establish theories to adjust to real world. Thus, imagination is a more valuable asset which actually is the mother or knowledge. Without imagination, there is no knowledge.

In addition, imagination takes large portion of our process...

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