Immediate Analysis

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Long-term Development Plan
This involves analysis of the risk and exit plan, considering the facts and step to be taken to ensure sustainability of the program in the long-term. This is of utmost importance, given that HIV/AIDS is still without any vaccine or cure and the best way out is prevention of the infection (Battle, 2009). Thus, spreading the word and educating teenagers and involving their parents in the education and prevention strategies will go a long way in reducing the number of teenagers infected with HIV/AIDS. In 2010, youths between the ages of 13 and 24 account for approximately 26% of all new HIV infections in the United States (CDC, 2014). Utilizing the implementation ...view middle of the document...

Lack of potential volunteers: If there are no volunteers for the spread of the program, this should not terminate the program, an alternative avenue of reaching out to the target population is identified here; employment of one or two personnel, to assist the program educator, campaigns should be organized to increase awareness of the program and town-hall meetings to educate target population.
Lack/Withdrawal of potential partners: This is a major issue that must be attended to ensure sustenance of the program. Measures should be employed to trace reasons for withdrawals and measures should be employed to bring them back on-board. However, if that is not forthcoming, new and relevant partners should be sought out and made to buy-into the idea. This is to ensure the smooth-running of the program.

Financial Statement/Projections 3 years out
According to Orton, Menkens & Santos (2009), this segment of the financial plan involves a demonstration of the efficiency of the plan, as well as the financial sustainability of the program in the long term. The idea of the program is to reduce incidence of HIV/AIDS and this is the idea that will be sold to sponsors, since it requires their continuous funding. Thus, reports showing results achieved will be used as a selling point, to ensure their continued support and sponsorship.
Narrative of Budget Assumptions
Ortons, Menkens & Santos (2009) state that good assumptions are based on real data and not forged data. For a start, the program will require about $240,000 this is to lay the foundation of the program for the first year and obtain educational materials for the proposed program, as well as pay for dinner. For the first year, $240,000 will be required for the entire program. This is broken down below:
$54,000 from Bank of America Program Organization: $12,000

$70,000 from Western Union Educational Materials: $120,000

$90,000 from McDonald’s Wages/Incentives: $72,000

$20,000 from EJAF Dinner: $24,000

$6,000 from ICC Staff training: $24,000

First Year Budget by Month
Program Organization
Educational Materials
Staff Training $1,000

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