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Immediate And Far Reaching Effects Of The Slave Trade

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The trans-Atlantic slave trade set in motion a series of events that ultimately crippled a continent, and forever change how those of African descent became viewed around the world. The effects of the slave trade were both immediate and far reaching. In this essay I will discuss a few of the immediate effects of the slave trade as well as some of it farther reaching consequences.
One of the most impactful immediate effects of the slave trade was the effect it had on the population of West Africa. In class, we discussed how the original targets of the slave trade were typically young males. Because of the rapid drop in the male populations, the women of West Africa had fewer men to ...view middle of the document...

This immediately, and conveniently, allowed Europeans to dehumanize Africans. This dehumanization had to be justified however in a post enlightenment era Europe, and soon reasoning behind enslaving Africans was created. These ideas of superiority such as social Darwinism gave slave owners the resolve to believe that they could do whatever forms of brutality they desired to their slaves. The effects of this belief system are still felt in modern times centuries later and has alter the very perceptions that modern people have of people of African descent. These perceptions can take the form of phobic like fears, beliefs of intellectual inferiorities, and pity of African descent peoples.
Another immediate effect that would go on to have far reaching consequences was the identity that African people would form in the Americas. In class we learned and discussed how to outsiders such as the Europeans, Africa was like one big country full of people who were culturally the same. In reality, nothing could have been farther from the truth. When Africans were enslaved, they came from many different peoples with different cultures and languages....

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