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15 April 2014Children of Illegal ImmigrantsImmigrants have been in this country for decades. They emigrate to United States of America from various places. Some come to escape cruel governments or start a new life, but they all come with a reason. Over the years, the immigration population increased, problems begin to rise. The governments begin to set rules and laws to control and regulate illegal immigration. If an illegal immigrant manages to make it in the country, it is usually not alone. They bring alone families, while others come alone and settle down here. The children then are legal US citizens but still authorities continue to deport the children along with their parents. If a child or children are not taken with the parent, they are left alone in the United States. These children are devastated with many other effects on their mental and physical health. If a child cannot earn money to survive, they are more likely to turn to drugs and other illegal type of activity. This affects not only them but also in the long run, all of United State residents are affected.When a child is born in the United States, they are automatically citizens. The 14th amendments clause states "All persons born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside" (Student Voices). This applies to all children, even of illegal immigrants. The children are either taken with the parents or left alone. "Throughout this country's history, birth within the territorial limits of the U.S. confers United States citizenship" (Dellinger). Both ways they are affected and have to live by themselves. The children, according to the constitution, are citizens of the United States. The deportation of immigrants started after the 14th amendment was adopted. "Since there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant at the time of the amendments adaptation- immigration was not restricted or regulated back then" (Student Voices). Immigrants were the basic population and most of them did jobs that Americans were not content doing. It was later when the immigrant population drastically increased that authorities began to control the incoming immigrants. Border security increased and strict regulations were put into place.As the illegal immigration population increased, the government had to figure out ways to control it. Illegal immigrant children rates began to rise also. "Eight percent of babies born in the United States in 2008 had at least one undocumented immigrant parent" (Student Voices). The US government had to figure what to do with the children and the parents. "Immigrants both legal and undocumented pay taxes to the federal government and use fewer social services than legal US residents" (Schey). The first deportation took place around 1798 to 1800. The American people were beginning to blame the immigrants of taking their jobs. They also believed the main reason was for an "anchor baby", a way of gaining quick access...

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