Immigrants Are Not Trouble Essay

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What do you think about immigration? Or should I ask, are you an immigrant? In the article "Don't Wobble on Immigration", Ben Wattenberg thinks that immigration is good for our society because it keeps our population stable. He also thinks that it is good for the economy. He says that the United States should not be against immigration.

As an immigrant, I agree with Wattenberg that wobbling on immigration is not the way to protect Western civilization, and I agree that immigrants can be the US's best salesmen. However, I disagree that immigrants choose the American way of life.

A lot of people are against immigration because they think certain groups like Muslim radicals are here to attack the Western civilization. That's partly true. But I agree with Wattenberg that wobbling on immigration is not the way to protect Western civilization. As Wattenberg mentions: "The events of Sept. 11 were perpetrated by Muslim radicals. All were foreigners; some were here illegally" (Wattenberg 423). Immigration should not be the issue; the real issue should be illegal immigration. For these Muslim radicals, even if the US government didn't accept them to immigrate here, they could still come into the US illegally. Also as the news showed several days ago that before these 911 Muslim radicals went onto the airplanes, they were checked by the airport security guards. The security guards thought they were clear and let them aboard, and later 911 happened. If the US government stopped them from coming into the US illegally, and if the airport security guards stopped them from boarding, 911 wouldn't have happened. I think instead of limiting the number of immigrants or making the application process so long and complicated, the US government should put the focus on how to prevent the illegal immigrants, and also on making the security system effective.

Also, we can say that over 99% of the immigrants are here not to attack Western civilization. Most of the people immigrated here because they believed that they could get a better life in the United States. I agree with Wattenberg that the immigrants are the US's...

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