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Immigrants Do Not Increase Crime Rates

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The thought of arriving immigrants in any host country has been accompanied by reactions of exclusion, and continues to expand throughout the years. During any social illness, immigrants tend to be the first to be held responsible by their recipient societies. Most crimes are associated with immigrants due to the fact that they may not posses the same socio-economics status as natives. Another contributing factor is the media that conducts numerous stories that highlight the image of immigrant crimes to recall the alleged difference between native and foreign born. Undoubtedly, the correlation between immigration and crime has become one of the most controversial discussions in current society. As we enter a new era, immigrants will have more impact on society than ever before (Feldmeyer, 2009).

There can be numerous reasons to believe immigrants are more prone to commit crimes, for example, they have to learn to adapt into the cultural traits and social patterns of the harboring country, as natives do not (Desmond & Kubrin, 2009). However, despite such claims, empirical studies have revealed that immigrants are understated in criminal statistics. Throughout the years many texts and scholarly articles have been published further analyzing and proving that immigrants are less prone to committing crimes than their native peers. Furthermore, researchers examine the reason as to why immigrants are weighed as a whole even though ethnic groups among immigrants have different rates of crime. For example, Hispanic immigrants are far more prone to commit crimes than a Japanese immigrant. This makes it unfair to consider that because a Japanese is an immigrant, they are also more prone to commit crimes. Much like in the past, the public debate over immigration today is laced with myths and are often portray immigrants as uneducated, unemployed and, because of various social- and health-related problems, are a drain on our welfare and healthcare systems. However, recent statistics show Canada’s recent immigrants are better educated, on average, than native-born Canadians (Ceobanu, 2011). Large portions of the people tend to consider immigrants as a large contributor to todays share of crime. While the impact of immigration on crime governs the political debate in most of harboring countries, there is however, very little evidence to support this evidence. Its impact on crime is left unexplored due to the fact that most researchers focus on the impact of immigrants on labor markets (Almeida, Johnson, McNamara & Gupta, 2011). The National Identity however, conducted a survey in 1995 and 2003 by the International Social Survey Programme displaying that people tend to worry that “immigrants increase crime rates” rather than “immigrants take jobs away from natives”(Almeida, Johnson, McNamara & Gupta, 2011). This report hopes to seek the issues set behind immigration and crime. However, there it very little data to convey all views of both sides of the...

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