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1. Success for immigrants in the United States did not come easy. The United States had set factors that they required all immigrants to succeed in, these factors included: having money, being in small numbers, locating in different areas, having only good stereotypes, and assimilating.
The key to success in the United States is to have money, and a lot of it. The problem is most immigrants that migrated over to the United States were poor. Immigrants migrated over for job opportunities so they were able to take care of themselves and/or family. If an immigrant did migrate over with no money, this forced them to take the first job opening. The first job opening was the lowest paying and ...view middle of the document...

In order to migrate away from WASP a immigrant must have money. The German immigrants were able to locate together in a location away from them. The problem with this, is, the immigrants would not assimilate. For example, the Germans migrated over to America large numbers. Once they were settled away from the WASP they formed ethnic enclaves (double check). Germans went to social clubs where they would drink and hanged with people from their town. When they went to these social clubs they would remember how it was in Germany. Also, the Germans set up Parochial schools that fought against assimilation. The parochial schools were a way for Germans to continue their culture and establish their own church. The WASP did not know much of what the Germans were doing. They relied solely on the positive stereotypes that they believed about them.
Stereotypes can make an immigrants experience in the new world a good or bad. Immigrants must have only good stereotypes for WASP to accept them. If a immigrant had good serotypes it allowed for them to get good paying jobs and made their transition into the new world smooth. For example, because Germans already had good preconceived stereotypes, WASP was more accepting of them. Preconceived stereotypes are the thoughts that WASP had before immigrants migrated over to the United States. Germans were seen as wealthy, white, protestant, and skilled/hardworking. These stereotypes were not necessarily true, but immigrants would fake it so WASP believed it. Germans were seen as the model immigrants that most immigrants should follow. A group of immigrants that did not have an easy transition in to the United States were the Jews. In slide six of the Jews power point, the photos showed the Jews as unattractive with big facial features, women having manly features, darker skin, brown eyes, and men/women have very similar facial features.
The most important factor that the WASP required immigrants to do is to assimilate. WASP want immigrants to completely give up their religion, morals, and beliefs so that they are just like the majority. Most of the time, immigrants do not assimilate instead they acculturate. Acculturate means that the immigrants adapted to the belief and the behavior of the WASP but did not completely give up theirs.
2. As a young African American it is important for me to learn what people of my race experienced while being forced over to the new world. It is important because it shapes the way history is and how people view African Americans in society today. For example, African Americans can still be seen inferior to the majority Caucasian race. Yes, times has changed and America does allow any race to have freedom but the stereotypes of being inferior to the Caucasian race still continues to live on. This can be seen when applying to jobs, colleges, and even in classroom setting. In many cases, I am the only African American in my class and the majority is the Caucasian race.. It is...

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