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Emigrating from one's country to another causes many changes in the emigrating family, which can be dealt in a variety of manners. It has been demonstrated that the immigrants have a tough time adjusting into the country they have moved to. Each member of the immigrated families have an impact of moving in a different manner, for instance, children of such families have to keep the family rituals and customs while balancing out their school life on different scales. This literature review will address the financial and emotional impact of each family member of an immigrated family. The purpose is to understand that when immigrants first arrive in Canada or other developed ...view middle of the document...

Most of the times newcomers are not certain about how to behave and may realize that things cannot be predicted. The first few months in Canada can be really difficult; in the beginning newcomers may detect that their cultural beliefs and values are being challenged. Many immigrants feel stressed, especially if they do not have the knowledge of French or English. They have to build a whole new life again, including making new friends, building homes, and supporting one's family, which are not easy tasks especially because the immigrants already had built them before.
Subtopic 2: Immigrant Children in Canada
When speaking of immigrants we mostly think of adults and forget to consider that children are also effected by the transition form one country to another. An article called “Poverty, Family Process, and the Mental Health of Immigrant Children in Canada” indicates the study done on foreign-born children, Canadian-born children of immigrant parents and children of non-immigrant parents. The main focus of the study is on children between 4 and eleven years old. The study of this article reviled that immigrant children were two times more to live in poor families than the children than the Canadian born children. It is not easy for these children to live in a total new society and make new friends, it is hard as they go through troubles such as not knowing English or French. According to “Making friends by Cheryl Song, making friends plays a significant role in a child's development. Moreover, for children with friends it is easy to cope with their school. “Children of immigrants and their challenges” is an article By Brian J. D’Souza, this article summarized that children that belong to immigrant families face more challenges because the society they live in...

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