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Why Half Of The Us And President Obama Are In Favor Of Immigration Reform

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There are two sides in the debate about immigration. The opposing side argues that there are more negative than positive consequences to immigration reform. They believe that creating a gateway for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship will encourage more illegal immigration and reward those who have broken the law. They also argue that more immigrants will result in less resources and jobs for American citizens. Meanwhile, those who support immigration reform argue that immigration reform could actually bring social and economic benefits to the United States. In this research paper, I will be investigating and analyzing the topic of immigration reform and why more than half of the Americans including U.S. President Barack Obama, is in support of immigration reform.
There have been numerous research and reports about immigration reform, and many statistics and data that support immigration reform. This paper will explore why the majority of Americans are supporting this reform by examining many methods of measurement such as academic journals, newspaper articles, official documents, as well as books. The paper will be support this hypothesis using four independent variables: the growth of businesses and jobs in the United States, the support of immigration reform by U.S. President Barack Obama, the increase of the U.S. economy’s potential revenue, and the rights of immigrants. Moreover, this paper will be exploring the history and the current status of immigration reform. The research paper will aim to prove why immigration reform is needed in the United States.
U.S. businesses and companies have been growing since its founding. There is one key component in this growth of businesses: immigrants. Immigrants played an important role in the U.S. business world. Immigrant entrepreneurs, as a group, are widely recognized as a key engine of economic growth for the United States (Kloosterman and Rath 2001). Immigrant entrepreneurs founded many of the well-known American companies. Not only have immigrants improved the American business world, but they have also increased the American job force (Kloosterman and Rath 2001). This paper will use scholarly journals to discuss the status of immigrants in the business and working world today and in the past. Moreover, this paper will analyze the economic growth of the United States and explore the growing immigrant work force in America. The population of immigrants and what they are doing in the business and working world today will be measured by American job and business statistics. Additionally, this paper will explore statistics on working immigrants, what businesses are owned by immigrants, and what jobs they have held. By comparing and contrasting immigrant entrepreneurship and employment versus citizen entrepreneurship and employment, one is able to analyze how immigrant-owned businesses have grown in the United States. With this data, I will prove that immigrants are essential in the...

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