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Immigration And America And How To Help

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Immigration and America
Imagine yourself with absolutely nothing except for the clothes on your back. You have kids but nothing to give them. More than any other nation in history, the United States has made itself a new home for immigrants in search of a better life. Immigration can and is a big problem in this country. What is this country going to do? What are we as Americans going to do? What positive aspects can we look at to help America become one with all human beings? Hispanics need to be considered more when it comes to immigration law; based on the racist attitudes toward them, the unfair laws, and the importance of their culture in America.
As human beings and because of our human nature we evaluate everything and everyone we come in contact with. People take a look at a person and automatically give their insights about them. In the article “Study Finds Rising Racism Against Latinos” Wayne Jebian brings to light a few issues causing racism “that the issue of illegal immigration has fueled racist attitudes.” (Jebian, Wayne.) There are a lot of people who are here illegally, but does that mean we should just assume that all Hispanics are illegal. People need to show immigrants how great it is to be an American by respecting and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Immigrants feel discriminated and they “become afraid and their worst instincts take over. With Latinos, our sheer numbers and the fact that we speak another language are factors behind racism.” (Jebian, Wayne). A way to get rid of stereotyping and racism is to look at everyone with a neutral attitude. If a person automatically looks at someone and thinks of reasons why they are better it creates an “us vs. them” attitude.Americans need to unite and get rid of that attitude and have an “us” attitude. When someone approaches any person of any kind they need to think that they are no better than person and that they are no better than them and that is called creating a neutral attitude.
Many people wonder why Hispanics immigrate to America. When Hispanics from the lower areas of the Americas arrive, many are confused why they speak so fondly in stories of how the way life used to be in their former homeland. “There once was a man who came across the border of The United States. He was walking, as he was poor and came to the America hoping to achieve the American dream. He walked a few miles or so into the States, and then the man saw on the side of the road a one hundred dollar bill. Any average American in their right mind would go pick it up, but this man had been walking for some time and was extremely tired. He thought to himself, “I am even too tired to bend over and pick this money up; I’ll just pick up the next one I come across seeing as the streets are truly covered in wealth and gold.” Of course he never saw another dollar bill on the street again. The point of the story is that many if not all immigrants come to America searching for a better life financially....

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