Immigration Control And Enforcement University Of San Francisco/Public Policy Essay

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Immigration Control and Enforcement
The problem of illegal immigration has been a major concern for the United States over the
years. Mostly, efforts have been taken to improve border security, an initiative meant to control
and prevent the illegal entry of commodities and people in to the US. Despite such initiatives, an
article written in 2016 by Alan Gomez in the USA TODAY noted that the number of illegal
immigrants in to the US had stagnated at 11.1 million since 2010. The figure had previously
reached its peak in 2007, when it was noted that more than 12.2 million undocumented
immigrants were living in the United States. Hence, Control and Enforcement on Immigration is
become a popular topic of debate in many circles.
Given the numbers highlighted, it is no doubt that the subject of undocumented immigrants was
one of the issues that dominated the 2016 Presidential Race. In his campaigns, President Donald
Trump suggested tough measures to control entry of people in the US and in particular the
building of a giant wall to shield immigrants entering the US from the South. However,
Democrat Hillary Clinton was more lenient on the subject, proposing expansion of programs that
protect and encourage refugees in the US. President Trump’s suggestion may have been based on
the fact that Mexicans make up to 52% of the undocumented immigrant population living in the
US according to The PEW Charitable Trusts. However, this Mexican population has been
projected to decline because of the tight border security in place, the fact that Mexico’s economy
is gradually improving and also, job prospects in the US are declining. In place of the Mexican
population, the US has found itself hosting immigrants from Africa, Asia and Central America,
who mostly seek economic opportunities in the United States.
With the clinching of power by Donald Trump, and inferring from his campaign pledges, it is
clear that immigration will face curtailment in the next few years. Judging by the few months of
the new administration, it is clear that the federal government is not comfortable with the idea of
illegal immigrants. Indeed, in February this year, the Washington Post reported that federal
agents raided homes in six states looking for such immigrants. The action was taken in Los
Angeles, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York and Chicago. The Department of
Homeland Security, through its spokeswoman Gillian Christensen, however noted that the
operation was part of a normal immigration enforcement initiative. Defending the operation,
Christensen indicated that the 5-day raid found hundreds of undocumented immigrants who were
a threat to public safety as well as a risk to the integrity of the immigration office. The operation
was however criticized by immigration activists because it surpassed the DHS of the six states.
Sticking to the issue of the campaign pledges of President Donald Trump, a major step in
fulfilling his anti-immigration idea was taken in January...

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