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Immigration In The Us Essay

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“They are willing to sell themselves in order to find a better life for themselves or

to have money to send back home, or to make sure their children are raised in a better

county.” (Bell 1). For decades, beautiful Russian and Asian women have been seen in

catalogs as mail-order brides. Although the mail order bride industry promises American

men a beautiful, obedient, foreign wife, it fails to mention the negative atmosphere

included within these situations. Mail order brides should be banned in the United States

in order to reduce the increase of domestic violence amongst women (Chittenden 5), the

testing of a bride’s selflessness (Bell 1), and internet scams (Internet Relationships 1).

Immigration in the United States has increased over the years. Nevertheless, the

process may take weeks, even months at a time. Mail order brides are no exception either.

They undergo a similar process in order to immigrate as well. Being a vulnerable

immigrant to the United States, mail order brides are very prone to domestic violence and

abuse from their American husband. Immigrant brides are forced to adapt to a new home

which also includes getting used to new customs and traditions. Throughout the process

of learning, the brides tend to be obedient, in which lack of leads to violence and other

types of abuse. A popular technique abusive husbands use is the threat to deport the poor

bride back to her home where she will suffer in poverty.

The process of immigration within circumstances of a mail order bride moving to

the U.S. tends to be gradual and complicated. In order to immigrate to the United States,

the bride has two options. Under the Immigration Naturalization Services (INS), the

American groom could either marry the mail order bride then apply for a "Petition for an

Alien Relative" while the bride applies for an Immigrant Visa, or apply for the "Fiance

Visa". If "Petitioning for an Alien Relative" is granted, the couple is given a conditional

visa and must remain as a married couple. Only then are they allowed to apply for the

conditionality to be removed. The Fiance Visa, however, requires the bride and groom to

wed in the U.S and only then can the husband file a petition with the INS. The visa's

condition is that the couple must have met in person at least once within two years

preceding filing the visa. If so, the bride is given ninety days to travel to the U.S. and

marry the man she is engaged to. If the marriage does not take place within the ninety

day period, then the bride is returned home. “The Fiance Visa gives the couple the

freedom to cancel at the last minute.” (Chittenden 8).

After immigration documents are finalized, the newly weds begin their new lives.

However, having a happily ever after is not always the case. In fact, because the

immigrant bride is unfamiliar with her new country, she is forced to...

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