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Immigration Issues The United States is a nation because of immigration. For years the government promoted immigration to the United States, and now that it is the strongest nation in the world, it isn't an issue anymore. In fact, now the government doesn't want more people to migrate to the United States, even though political and social refugees are still seeking entrance into the country for various reasons. In countries like Mexico, government officials have complete control over what happens in their lives, whether they are right or wrong doesn't matter (News Brief 1995). In some countries an ethnic group is singled out and killed just because of their ethnicity, no one is singled out in the United States. People are given the impression that no matter how bad their life is at home, it will prosper in the United States, people that are there know that that isn't exactly true. Immigration over the years has slowly evolved into a problem, there are many reasons why immigrants want to come here and there are also many effects on the United States because of them.Escaping government corruption is one major reason why immigrants want to come to the United States. Instead of citizens having freedom, their police and government officials have the freedom to do whatever they want. " As we went out, they (government officials) stopped us and made us pay them ten taels of gold- that's a Vietnamese nit, a little heavier than an ounce" (Tam 89). Just like in Vietnam, Mexican citizens don't have rights like Americans, who are born with natural rights. In the United States, a citizen would not give the official money, in fact they would take them to court. At any time, a policeman in Mexico can make a citizen give him money, or he will throw them in jail (UOT 1999). Whether the citizen committed a crime or not doesn't matter, what the official says happened is what happened. The judicial system is in the hands of the officer's word (UOT 1999).Genocide or "ethnic cleansing" is another major reason why so many immigrants are coming to the United States. They aren't being killed for any reason other than their race. My ancestors came to the United States during the Armenian Genocide. My great grandmother's entire family was killed during a death walk, including her husband, three sons, all of her siblings, and her parents. She survived and made it to a boat that brought her to America. She went through Ellis Island and became a citizen. People in Armenia didn't have the choice of staying home; they either had to leave or be killed. In Chiapas, Mexico the Zapatistas and other communities have been raided by Mexican armies. They have been forced out of their homes and they fled to the mountains. Many Zapatista's have claimed frequent incidences of rape, have been falsely accused, and have even been murdered. All of this happens to them because they are Zapatista's; not for breaking the law, or even because of a small dispute (UOT 1999).People from other...

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