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From the early year of his life as a undergraduate student in China, Jia Sheng dreamed of going to America for his advance education. When he graduated from Liaoning University, he was accepted by Brown University as a graduate student. He thought this was a great oppotunity for his life.

Journey from China to America
Jia Sheng had a long journey from his hometown Shenyang in Northeast China to Providence Rhode Island in the United States in the fall of 1983.
It took him over 14 hours by train from Shenyang to Beijing. When he said goodbye to his father, mother, and his brother in the train station, he felt very sad because this was the first time he left home for such long journey. He did not know when he was able to see them again.
When he was on board of an ariplane in the Beijing airport on August 23, he was very excited because this was his first time to take airplane in his life. Beijng airport then was not very big. There were only a few airplanes there. There was no direct flight from Beijing to JFK in New York city 30 years ago. The airplane had to stop at least three times for gasline and check ups.
The first stop was Shanghai airport for two hours. More passages were on board. When the plane took out again, there were tears in Jia’s eye because he knew this time he had to said goodbye to China. After over 10 hours flight, the airplane landed again at Anchorage airport in Alaska. It was very dark outside. He did not have a chance to see much about America then. After adding some gasline and check up, the plane took out again for San Francisco. It was in the early morning whenthe plane arrived at San Francisco airport. It was a great sunning day. The sky was blue and airport was very clean. Jia Sheng had to leave the airplane to go through the US customs.
It took over 5 hours flight from San Fracisco to New York. The plane arrived at JFK in the evening. When Jia Sheng took a bus for JFK airport to Manhattan,he was shocked seeing so many cars on the road. He could not go to sleep because he was very excited at the first night in New York city. Next day when he walked on the streets in Manhattan he was a little scary when he saw so many different kinds of people wolking by, whites, blacks, yellows, and reds. To him, Manhattan was like a museumof human species.
Next day, Jia Sheng took a greyhund bus from New York...

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