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Civil Rights
Civil rights activities in the US dates back in the early 19th century. This does not though limit the start date for these initiatives but only gives an outline of when civil rights initiatives began having effective impacts on policy making. The initiatives have been of diverse nature ranging from women empowerment to emancipation and freedom of racial slavery. The push for these inititatives has been characterized by social protests and civil wars and thus their impact on the social life could be ignored. This paper seeks explore the impacts civil rights initiatives on immigration. Focus is concentrated on how these initiatives have shaped current public policy making and the ...view middle of the document...

Immigration to the United States continues and this has led to institution of immigration acts especially in the 1960s that define and recognize immigrants.
Immigrants are treated and regarded as a minority in the American setting. This has a direct effect on every policy that is passed. For example, nobody in America is supposed to be discriminated in any way on the basis of color. The black Americans gained emancipation through civil rights pressure and immigration. Today, the US policies need to be directed to the betterment of life of immigrants. This is because immigrants are treated just as any other American citizen and sufficient resources are used in assisting the immigrants to transform into citizens. This effect revolves around on the rights of residence.
Affirmative action protects the minority groups of people in America. Though these people are few in number, their voice is equally presented in decision making platforms in the US. To give legality to this effect, the affirmative action is enforceable and violation of it is a crime. However, it is important to note that only immigrants who have the right documentations can benefit from what the law provides for immigrants. The undocumented immigrants lack access to these benefits, which include basic education for their children.
Though the immigration rules continue to tighten day after day, the same is experienced on the policies. Most of the immigrants came to the US long time ago gave birth to children after the enactment of the civil rights. These civil rights benefits ensure no discrimination at all in all platforms. Today, people who have settled legally in the US from other countries enjoy full voting rights just like any other American. The citizenship acquired makes the civil rights activities to decline in importance. Their legality ensures that they are not under attack from the vigilant American groups that attack illegal immigrants. The cases of border deaths especially in the American-Mexican border continue to decline. These deaths have been reported severally because of the strict policies that prohibit illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is not protected by any law and anybody caught in such instances can suffer any plight that come with it. One thing that keeps immigrants entering into the American soil is that there are policies in place that seek to employ cheap semi skilled...

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