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Immigration's Effects On The Economy Essay

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I will show you it hurts our economy , health care system , and brings about tensions. I will give facts of how much illegal Immigration has cost our country along with statistics on the huge influx of people from other countries. Americans should demand that Congress reduce tje immigrant flow and alter the criteria fir admission ti eliminate the high cost of immigration in our society. The cost of the immigrants to our society is enormous. Tje most recent estimate places the cost of post 1969 immigrants at $65 billion in 1996 alone ($40.5 billion dollars from legal immigrants and $24.5 billion from illegal immigrants). This is the net cost; that is after immigrants? contribution in taxes is counted. (?Immigration Economy?) Our economy has taken a large hit from the large amount of illegal aliens coming to the United states. For the most part, the new settlers come here with little money, so it has been our responsibility to take care if them and their children. As a country, we have been made to take care of peoples? needs that their country of origin should have. In many cases, these people come here and are given healthcare money when people who have lived here cannot receive it. I am twenty- seven and cannot afford healthcare by myself, but these people can come over here, jump in our welfare lines and get coverage that I cannot . This type of unfairness brings about tension that I will discuss later.Since 1969, illegal immigration has cost our country $24.4 billion dollars. This is why it amazes me when you have our government fighting over wether we should supply healthcare to everyone. This is frustrating to Americans because if us as Americans were not wasting our tax money taking care of other peoples? problems and using the money to take care of our natural born citizens who just cannot afford healthcare, then there would not be anything to argue over. It is not our responsibility to take care of people who came here and cannot take care of themselves. When out country was being formed there was a great mass of immigration from other countries, it was not our duty to take care of them. They were given opportunities that they would not have had if they were at home. That was the American dream, not healthcare of welfare. Opportunity was what was given, not the $40.5 billion dollars that has been dished out to take care of them when they come here.Occasionally, there have been studies that have claimed to find that immigrants create less of a deficit (or even a surplus) . Nonetheless, these studies are flawed such as using old data on the immigrants of twenty or thirty years ago and the deleting of whole catigories of less skilled immigrants in order to change the outcome, it is clear that immigration has had a severe effect on our country, ? Immigrants present a special challenge , as health officials struggle with language and cultural barriers to find active TB cases and cure them before they spread ti the general population. When the...

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